100 Books of Summer: Part 2

We are well on our way to our goal of reading 100 books this summer!  This has been a really fun challenge for us as a family.  My kids always read for about an hour at night.  But since we started the challenge, not only are my husband and I reading in the evening, but our family is  reading in the morning, at the pool, in the car, (not while driving), and after dinner.  I absolutely love it.

The sounds that reading make are beautiful.  🙂


Some of Brody’s top picks so far–along with the Rick Roirdan’s The Red Pyramid.  (His favorite of the summer.)  My son is in the lead in this little challenge we are doing.  He is 7 years old (going on 45…) and reads like a maniac.  He has even gone beyond the required 30 hours for the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Summer Reading Program.   The librarians are super impressed with my little reader, and so they tend to dote on him and save him books.


My husband’s finished Impact and up next is Dad is Fat.  (I love Jim Gaffigan, so this will be on my list next!  He is one of my favorite comedians.)


My daughter has to do a few book reports this summer, so I am letting her get away with some fun easy reads.  These are little mystery books and you don’t have to read them in order to get what is going on!


My next three books.   I have heard so many things about White Girls, and I am really excited to read this.  Twenties Girl is my mindless fun book, and Cut Me Loose was recommended by a friend who loves to read, so I am sure it won’t disappoint.


This was my non-fiction pick for the beach last week.  I had this book on my list.  ( I keep of books I want to read on the notepad app on my phone so I can have it for quick reference!)   Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz must have mentioned it.  Sadly,   I couldn’t really make it through much.  Maybe because I am not experiencing many hormonal issues right now.  I think this would be a great read in about 20 years.  (Yay for feeling young!)


Last pick of some fun easy books I grabbed for my kids this week.  I promise I am not reading them while driving…I just took a quick pick before dropping them in the return bin.


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