100 Books of Summer: Part 3

The summer reading program at the library is over and we completed it.  My kids each got a book, fine waivers,(best prize ever!) and we adults scored a tote bag and a stylus pen.  My kids loved logging their hours in for this program.  It is a great motivator to keep your kids reading all summer.

But remember my family is super stellar, so we tried to go above and beyond the library’s requirement of 60 hours.   We instead are on our 100 Books of summer quest!  We are doing really well, with around 70 books total.


While my husband enjoys reading stuff like this,  I tend to like reading that is a little more relaxed.   Plus this book is giant and I can’t lug stuff like this to the pool.


I guess I wouldn’t say this book is  relaxed… I couldn’t put it down.  Amazing.  Probably my second favorite book of the summer.  My first favorite is still  A Well-Tempered Heart.   LOVE.


Babymouse for days.


I cannot believe I have a middle schooler who reads stuff about being popular vs unpopular!  I am not ready for this next stage.

Favorite read of the summer?  Leave the title in the comments! 

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