100 Books of Summer

My son had the ridiculous fantastic idea that as a family we read 100 books this summer.  Honestly, he could probably read all 100 by himself!  He has found his passion and I am fueling it with many weekly library trips.  My daughter has even gotten more into reading since her little brother always has his nose in a book.


My daughter even made this bulletin board, so we can track our progress.  We decided that me and the kids would read 30 books, each, and my husband has to read 10.  Since he works and all.  🙂


Brody’s top picks so far are The Lost Hero, and the Alien in my pocket series.


He also really loved this book we just picked up randomly.  Or not so random as I like to think!  🙂



My daughter just finished this…I am sure everyone has read it and seen the movie by now.  I’m adding this one to my beach reads for next week.  Once I finish the book,  we can schedule a Mommy/Daughter date night to go see the movie.


My husband’s first book of the summer.  He loves Clive Cussler.   But more importantly, aren’t my nails the best summer pink ever?


After the smut I’ve been reading at the pool, I kicked it up a notch in the fiction department.  These are my next three reads.  I know, another Emily Giffin book, but I love her style of writing.  (I can’t wait to read her newest book!  But, I’m so cheap I will have to wait until it comes to the library!)



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