Mother’s Day Weekend

I had such a wonderful weekend…super busy, but wonderful.

Friday, my husband and I went on a date to Cinebarre.  This is probably the first time we have been to the movies (in an actual theater) in ten years!  So, this place is so fun because you get to eat and drink while you watch the movie.  My husband and I weigh in on Friday mornings, so we made this our “cheat meal”.  It was hilarious when the waitress came to take our order…we both ordered cheeseburgers,(no onions) and french fries.  He got a beer, and I got a glass of Pinot.  Oh, and we saw the movie, Oblivion.  Wait for the Redbox.



We live in an old neighborhood, and on Saturday two of the homes were featured in the parade of homes.  (not ours.)  My daughter and a neighbor decided to have a lemonade stand.  This was genius.  They made $113.00.  If we are ever in this parade of homes thing again, I’m having a wine stand.  I am not kidding.

I taught my Quadra Flow workshop, then we headed out to Funky Town Parties for my daughter’s 10th birthday party.  This place was so fun.  I told my husband I want to have my 35th there!  It was a black light party, so all the girls had their face painted and danced.   I even got my face painted, and I was told I was such a cool mom because the other mom’s never get their face painted.  Since I am such a cool mom, I did the cupid shuffle and limbo with the kids.  I’m glad I’m not one of those parents that embarrasses their children.   My son was the only boy, and only 6-year-old there…he couldn’t have cared one bit.  He’s a pimp.  And he loved the mustache they painted on him so much, he drew another one on himself when we got home.


Big Pimpin’

My Mother’s Day was absolutely wonderful.  My kids and husband were in a play at church.  They were the stars of the show, and of course I cried the whole service because they are so awesome.   We took all our mothers out to brunch afterwards.   I happen to have 3 mothers…my mother, step-mother, and a mother-in-law.  They are all awesome and get along.  So do all three of my dads.   But, that is a whole blog in and of itself.

I spent the rest of mother’s day afternoon taking a hot yoga class, then teaching.  I was pleasantly surprised to come home to learn that we were having guests for dinner.  And those guests were making guacamole.  Yes.

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