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I am lucky enough to have some body in my hair, so I can wear it wavy, or straight.  But it is also really thick.  (thanks to pregnacy…it wasn’t always like this.  nice, right?  well, I also never had stretch marks!  ha ha!)

I wanted to get a new straightening iron for my birthday.  The one I was using was big, and I need a thinner one to do smaller sections.  Ulta, (my fave store) was running a special…when you buy this mack daddy hair dryer you get a flat iron for free.  I didn’t really need a hair dryer, but I am a sucker for a BOGO deal.  So, I ended up paying $200.  The value was $350.  A bit pricey, I know.  But I think it was worth it.


This is an amazing dryer!  It is lightweight, customizable, and reduces frizziness.   I can blow dry and straighten in 15 minutes.  This used to take me 30+ minutes.  I have also had more compliments on my hair since I have been using these two products.  I think because of the ions in the dryer make it look sleeker.  The hair dryer is a touch screen, so that is cool.  I can send update my facebook status while I dry my hair.  kidding.

It came with a (large) sample of Chi straightening cream.  I like it okay.  My favorite is AG.


Stay tuned for more reviews…I got Latisse.  This is a product to make your lashes grow thicker, longer and darker.  I’ll post before and after pitures in a few weeks.  I also got a “facial” on Tuesday.  It was my push present.  (My daughter is 10) This is the most amazing thing ever!  My crows feet have completely disappeared.  I’ll post pics soon!

See? Super straight, and shiny! And the fakest smile ever!
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