Dinner with Friends

dandelion 009

So now that we are older we do what old people do.  Have supper clubs.  Not at each other’s houses…not yet.  That will come when we are waaayyy older.  For now, we still go  to actual places and stay out until at least 9:00 pm on a Friday night.  (at least that’s how me and my date roll)

Here is how supper club works for us.  We are all assigned a month.  When it is your month you pick where and what time.  We always go the third Friday of the month, which is helpful for planning babysitters.

This month was hard because of restaurant week, and our large party of 16, so we ended up at Dandelion Market.   It was my friend Raigan’s pick and she is adorable and pregnant and couldn’t have wine.  I sat next to her so she could have sips of mine if she wanted and so my waist looked smaller.

Dandelion Market is a tapas (small plates) joint, which us girls loved.   Our husbands…not so much.  “What do you mean we have to order 3 meals?”  “We have to share our food?”  Ha ha!  My friends and I loved it and took our time decided what to order.  It was very dark in the restaurant, so we had to hold the candles up to the menu to read it!  (and yes…very dark.  I’m not old)

dandelion 005

They have 25 wines for $25 a bottle which is pretty awesome.  I ended up sharing the Atena Malbec with a friend.   The menu suggested the flavors were berries, leather and cinnamon.  It tasted like red wine to me, and it was delicious.    We also shared the calamari, which came with lemon garlic aioli–so good!

I ended up ordering  the southern caprese –fried green tomatoes, house made mozzarella, fig & balsamic dressing, and the Poblano Pepper –chorizo, mozzarella, house made crema all stuffed in a pepper.

dandelion 002A table favorite:  Butter Sauteed Sea Scallops – arugula, pomegranate drizzle, toasted macadamia.

dandelion 003

Pan Seared Ahi Tuna – served rare, wasabi aioli, sweet chili sauce, sesame soy.

dandelion 001I love getting together with my friends* to share a meal and talk and laugh.  Life is too short not to enjoy one another.  There are multiple  studies on the health benefits of social relationships, where researchers have provided evidence that social ties and increased contact with family and friends are less likely to die early.

I do my best to stay alive.  It’s my duty.

*Our men were here.  I just didn’t take their picture.




January Project 12 Update

“Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve.  You don’t have to have a college degree to serve.  You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve.  You only need a heart full of grace.  A soul generated by love. ” 

                                                                     –Martin Luther King, Jr.blessing 003

My heart is so full.  So full that I keep crying out of pure joy.  The overwhelming response to the Blessing Bags for Project 12  is unreal.  I planned to make 12 a week for the month of January.   Because of the generosity of others, we have already made 48!  I underestimated myself, my family and my village.   When January comes to an end, I will have cranked out over 100 bags.  Epic.

blessing 001

Aren’t hand warmers a great idea?  These were donated by a friend…and it was her 9-year-old daughter’s idea.  She brought 24 of these to my yoga class on Saturday at Laughing Buddha.  When the other yogis saw her give the bag to me, they wanted to help too.  They are bringing in stuff next week!

Women in my circle at church brought  water bottles, granola bars, tissues and socks to add to the bags.  Small gestures for us…but these make a big difference to someone who has nothing.

blessing 002I loved the idea of adding this little combo to the bags this week too.

blessing 004


Completed Bag!  This week’s bag includes:  warm socks, wet wipes, tissues, toothbrush/toothpaste combo, crunchy granola bar, chewy granola bar, bottle of water, candy canes, and hand warmers.

I put 3 bags in my car to pass out this week to the homeless and I will give the others away this week at school, the yoga studios I teach, and at church.  In fact, I took some to Sunday school this morning…

Take a look at these tough guys with their blessing bags!

blessing 007

Wanna help?  Make bags with your family?  Don’t have time for that?  Bring me 24 of something you think would be awesome in a Blessing Bag.  Find me here, or I’ll come to you!

Peace, Love and Grace to you. 




Toby Turns One!

toby 003

You probably shouldn’t read this if you don’t like dogs.  My family is pretty much obsessed with dogs.  Toby in particular.  He has ruled the house since we adopted him back in May.   Toby had his first birthday on Wednesday.   (or 7th in dog years.  Or 101st according to his Facebook profile.)

toby 005

We celebrated by getting Toby some new chew toys, a new tennis ball, and of course doggie ice cream.  The flavor was peanut butter cheese.   My son was brave enough to lick the “ice cream”.  He said it tasted like nothing.  Toby sure thought it tasted like something, because he licked the cup clean.

Having a dog has been one of the most wonderful things for our family.  I don’t want to tell my husband this, but that is part of the reason I’m really excited to quit my job is because I get to hang out with Toby more.  Toby has helped to teach my kids responsibility by taking turns feeding him, giving him fresh water, taking him for walks, and giving him lots of attention.   I love that my kids have a full-time friend,  snuggle buddy, exercise partner, and fierce protector.  (the last one could be stretching it a bit.  Is is possible to be licked to death?)

My husband says that Toby must be part Native American because he hates the camera and thinks the flash is sucking away his soul.  I wanted to document Toby turning one,  so I had to take about 68 pictures.  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were not around when I had my kids so I am starting fresh with Toby.  I used a throw away camera with my human children and had to take the pictures to Walgreens to get them developed… and then make an album.   That was back when a dime bag cost a dime.

These are a few black and white blurry outtakes of Toby’s photo shoot where he refuses to look at the camera.  Until I put him in a head lock for a selfie.

toby 006

toby 007

toby 008toby 004

toby 002

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