February Project 12 Update




I honestly thought this was going to be my easiest month for Project 12.  Just give away things.  SImple as that.  But, in order for it to even matter, everything requires thought…and time! I didn’t want to just pack up 15 giant bags and drop them off at Goodwill.   I am so happy to do this, but it is a little harder than I first expected!  Above is a picture of my friend Dawn, who recently got engaged.  I gave my her this flower girl dress I’ve been meaning to consign for 4 years.   My friend Amy is proud owner of a new (to her) yoga mat and yogi toe.  I gave my friend Joy some jeans, a necklace, and shoes for her two girls.  I overheard a  girl at the studio talking, who said she only had 3 towels.  I packed up 7 big fluffy white towels for her.


This is Amanda, who is amazing and  has 4 daughters.  They now are the owners of a fancy schmancy tea set. When I dropped off the eye pillow for the contest winner I threw in a few extra items for her.   I packed my car with 11 coats and took them to the Matthews Help Center.

But this… This makes me really sick.  Seriously I wanted to throw up when I took this picture.  Below are 7 pairs of shoes.  SEVEN!  Where did they come from?  Oh yeah.  I bought them.  The sickening cycle of consumerism.


I found an amazing company that takes these shoes and gives them to people who can use them!  It is called Donate Your Old Shoes.  (I love the name–straight forward as you can get!)  The Cleary’s own this family business and have shipped over 100,000 shoes in the past 5 years.   They  do not make a dime off of this.   They started the company as a way to give back after seeing how people lived overseas.

Think about boxing up some of your shoes and mailing it out to them!  I bet you won’t even miss them.

(I do wonder who will end up with those black sequin heels.  Not practical, but I can’t help thinking some lady will be very happy!)


 Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, were moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.  But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.  For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

-Matthew 6: 19-21



The other day I told my 7-year old to go in his room and get dressed.  He usually puts on Gangham style to dance along to while he gets ready.   I was preparing to hear that song for the 987th time.  This week alone.  Instead, I hear him singing Willow Smith’s song, I whip my hair back and forth.  Except, instead of hair, he seems to be whipping his something else back and forth.  His balls.  Yikes.   I listen at the door.  I am too scared to go in, too scared to knock, and really want to call my husband.  As the man of the house, he should have to handle the balls.  And I will handle the vaginas.   It was in our vows I’m pretty sure.

I whip my balls back and forth, I whip my balls back and forth, I whip my balls back and forth.  Over and over.  Of course, I’m wondering if he is going to be the next greatest Chippendale dancer.  Cringe.

I finally knock and walk in at the same time because that’s what I’m allowed to do since I’m a mom.  He was waving around one of Toby’s dog toys…that is a rope with two balls on each end.

dog toy

Side Note:  I had to find a picture of this on the interwebs because this “virtually indestructible” dog toy now looks like this:


Side Note 2:  There are no balls to be whipped back and forth.  I think I need to shop in the Aggressive Chewer section at Petsmart.


Back to the story:

Quick sigh of relief before inserting my foot into my mouth.  Wow.  What an assumption I made.  And so quickly.  It didn’t cross my mind that he could be doing something so innocent and sweet.  (except that he was in fact jumping on the bed and torturing the dog.  By whipping Toby’s  balls back and forth.)

We all assume something at some point.  It is so easy to assume that everyone’s lives are better, that Tuesday comes after Monday, and that people are going to screw you over.  I told my yoga students this same thing…on our mats it is easy to assume we know what is coming next.   When you are so focused on what is coming next, or what you think you know,  you miss out on the right now.  The present.  When you check out of the present, it is easy to check out of happiness itself.



This is a picture of my white ink tattoo I got last summer.  I love it.  I am usually the only one who sees it.  My husband forgets I even have it.  But, I didn’t get it for him.  I got it for me.  It is the Sanskrit symbol for Namaste, which basically  means the light in me sees the light in you.

What if we all went through life assuming  good about ourselves and  others?    What if we assumed that since  I am joyful and caring, then so are you?  Let’s all start assuming that people are peaceful, loving creatures moving along this earth with grace.  Starting….NOW!



I tried to not do this.   I couldn’t help it.  I’m going to assume he thinks it is funny because I do.  Namaste.

Beauty Counter


My skin has always been an issue for me.  As I have gotten older, it is so frustrating because I am still getting acne (hormonal) along my jaw line.   I have used every product on the market and finally found something I love!


I was given the opportunity to sample a Beautycounter Pouch.  The pouch contained Routine Clean Cleanser, Gentle Exfoliator, Day Hydrating Cream, Night Hydrating Cream, Rosewater Spray, Anytime Eye Cream, and Calendula Lustro Face Oil.   (this Calendula oil is for oily/acne skin…there is a jasmine for mature skin, and a ylang/chamomile blend for sensitive skin.)

Beautycounter is an amazing, (very new) company.  Their mission is to provide safe products sans a bunch of chemicals.   Check this information out:

There is a strong connection between our health and what we’re exposed to in our daily environment. There are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market today and we know little about the safety of many of them. Consider these facts:

  • On average American women use 12 beauty products a day
  • These beauty products expose use to over 100 chemicals!
  • 1938 was the last year government passed any law on the safety of cosmetic ingredients.

Beautycounter provides safe, chic and effective products. What’s sets it apart is the fact that they are 100% transparent, no hidden secrets or ingredients. They pride ourselves on our strict ingredient screening and our honest message. They work to educate consumers and empower them to make healthier choices.

  • Is it safe?
  • Do we need it?
  • Does it work?

You can also watch a video here:  Beautycounter video

I followed the directions perfectly…wash twice a day with the cream cleanser, spray face with rosewater,  a pump of hydrating cream mixed with a drop of oil, then the eye cream.  (I used the exfoliator 3 times this week.)  I will be the first to admit…I didn’t want to put all that moisturizer on my face.  And wash it with a “cream” cleanser?  And the oil?  No way.  It seemed so counter productive to put oil on an oily face.  Not so much.  Before, I was stripping away the moisture from my face and it was producing more oil.  and zits.

The proof is right here in the pictures of my face.  My skin is now dewy and elastic!   I took these with no make up on.  (that was scary)  The before picture was taken last Wednesday (2/5/14) and the after picture was taken only a week after.  (2/12/14.) I plan on using these for a month and I’ll post more results then.



GIVEAWAY TIME!  I am giving away a bottle of Rosewater spray ($32 value)


1.  Leave a comment below stating why you would like to win.

2.  Like and share:  ItsAPleasantlife on FB.

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I will select a winner on Sunday 2/16/14!

If you want more information on Beautycounter:

Heather Jadus-Independent Consultant
phone: 315-529-6716
email:  heather@hjbconsulting.net
web:  www.heatherjadus.beautycounter.com

PS:  If you mention Itsapleasantlife when you book a social or make a purchase  you get a free pouch ($30 value)!





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