This time I mean it!

Every Sunday, I tell myself the same thing.  This is the week I am going to eat clean and exercise everyday. I leave myself notes.   I pronounce this to my husband and my children.  I tell my friends that I will be at my goal weight by my birthday.  I’ve been doing this little charade for years.  I beg my husband for his support.  He says yes, but honestly the poor guy loses no matter what.  IMG_5806

But this really is the week.  (cue Rocky music)  For real this time.  I really want to be back in a healthy weight range for my height…instead of just toeing the line.  (meaning I am overweight if I gain .2 pounds)  Me and Stella just gotta get our groove back.  Why is it as soon as you pronounce you are eating clean your body is all like-  GIVE ME BREAD, DOUGHNUTS, AND MAC AND CHEESE.  (cue poltergeist music)   AND CHOCOLATE.  AND SOME FRENCH FRIES OR YOU WILL DIE.  OR KILL OTHERS.

I used to be so good about having a cheat meal be just a meal.  Just that meal.  I lived that 90/10 rule to a tee.  I’ve veered away and I desperately want to get back on track.  I am doing more of a 70/30 and it doesn’t work.  So, I am bringing my A game.  Not just to lose the extra weight.  When I am eating clean, I sleep better, my skin looks better, I am more confident, I have way more energy,  and it also helped to get me into remission a while back.  (which is soooo where I want to be.   It has been almost a year of this crap, no pun intended and this is not fun.)


I went swimming last week.  I used to swim competitively and was actually really good at it.  I bought some goggles and everything.  This was going to be my new thing, but I didn’t last long.  My ADD kicked in after I thought I swam at least 87 miles, but I looked at the clock and only 3 minutes had passed.  Then Mark Spitz’s twin brother got in my lane and basically hunted me down like he was a shark.  I was seriously swimming for my life.  To catch my breath, I had to keep going under the rope and joining the water aerobics class, then dipping back into my lane and doing laps.  (Yes.  The water aerobics instructor hated me.)   So, I am sticking to walking, yoga, and barre/sculpt classes.  Bottom Line  #1:  You have to do what you like or you aren’t going to do it!


I am not waiting until I am super hungry to eat either.  I do best when I have 5 mini meals.  Breakfast pictured above is spinach and our first egg from our new chickens.  Mid morning I’ll have a protein shake or a Fage 2% plain Greek yogurt.  Bottom Line #2:  eat a lot of mini meals with protein and veggies.


Lunch is usually a salad with a protein on top, or a meat and veggie combo.   This is the Power Chicken Hummus bowl from Panera.    I have blogged about this before because it is amazing and deserves a medal of honorary awesomeness.  Bottom Line #3;  Go get this salad.  (It’s actually supposed to be get 7-9 hours of sleep.  But you have to eat this salad.)


Afternoon snack is either a quest bar, smoothie, or an ounce of almonds.  This is rare that I have a package like this.  (but I was unprepared and made a great decision at a gas station.)   I usually buy it in bulk and measure out the almonds in 1 ounce portions to take on the go.  Nuts are one of those things that can be hard to stop once you start.   I love to eat, so I have to be very careful!  Did you read foods not to buy if you are a binge eater?  Bottom Line #4:  portions are important!




This is what the Easter Bunny brought me since I gave up diet soda for Lent.  I did really enjoy that, but I have tried to be very conscious of my diet soda intake.  (Some days only 1 a day…some days none!)


Shaken green tea replaces my skinny lattes.


Sparkling water.  This is when you are bored of still water.  Bottom Line #5:  Stay hydrated!

Adding up all the bottom lines, I am basically going to eat protein/veggie combos 5 times a day, watch my portions, do an exercise that I like, get lots of sleep, and drink my water.  Let’s see what happens over the next few weeks!  Following these 5 things to a tee had me out of remission and in my skinny jeans a few years back.  Wish me luck!



Lazy 5 Ranch

We all know I’ve had some hairy issues with the Lazy 5 Ranch.   The place is absolutely nuts, but you have to go at least once.  Call ahead if you want to ride on the wagon, and they only accept cash.  There are so many animals at Lazy 5: all different types of cattle, horses, zebras, sheep, goats, deer, giraffes, a rhino, pigs, camels, llamas, kangaroos, birds, ducks, porcupines, and tortoises.  This place is seriously insane.

We were going to do the wagon ride, but we didn’t call ahead like you are supposed to.  So we drove through…in my friend Tabor’s pretty new minivan.  (She caved and went to the dark side with that purchase.)  I bought a bucket of food  and fed the first animal we came to.  We were barely through the gates.  He took the bucket out of my death grip,  tipped it back eating most of the contents, while the rest scattered all over his face.  I screamed,  Brody laughed, Tabor almost ran him over, Harrison is crying in the backseat, and Kadyn is trying to calm him down.  This is not even a minute into our trip.  We should have reversed out of there and straight  to the nearest Starbucks, wine bar, and/or nail salon.


Her son who is only 29 months old.  (I’m sorry moms…I hate when you do that.  He is 2 1/2. Quit saying months.  Tabor doesn’t say this by the way.  I was just ranting.)

Anyway, her son will be forever traumatized.  My kids are already kinda weird, so they loved it.    Do not go to this place if you are subject to anxiety, heart failure, bladder control problems, allergic to places that smell like pee and poop, depression, insomnia,  erectile dysfunction, or mommy-attachment issues.


My camera is not on zoom.  These things get all up close and personal.    I like to think of myself as an animal lover.  But these things were so creepy!


Again.  Not on zoom.


Mama and baby.  This was one of the finer moments.  We actually smiled instead of screaming in terror at the creepy ostriches.


After you drive through, you can park and walk around.  (Bring a change of clothes in case you wet your pants during the drive.)   There is a petting zoo, and really cool boat playground, and picnic tables if you wanted to pack a picnic lunch.


Harrison didn’t want much to do with the animals.  Look at those cute red cheeks!


And this little guy almost “accidentally” got in my purse and came home with us!  He loved Brody nuzzling on his face.

Side Note to the Dads:  We went to Hot Shotz afterwards.  Yes.  With a Z.  My friend and I and our kids.  We got burgers that were amazing and beer that was cold.   If you take the kids to Lazy 5 and let your wife stay home  I give you permission to go here.  (Just be sure to remind your daughter on the way home not to ever wear shorts that short, or let her bra hang out.)

Chickens: Round Three


This is a picture of our new and improved chicken coop.  My handy hub attached it to the kids’ tree house.  New and improved because we have had chickens in the past.  Twice before actually.  The first time they lasted about 12 hours.   I am not kidding.  They came around 6pm, and at 6am it was over.  Horrifying.  One carcass was actually up in the treehouse.  The next time we rigged it up a little better and they lasted 2 days.  We are hoping the third time is a charm.  (My dad says that about his marriages…it’s working pretty well for him.  My husband isn’t even allowed to think about divorcing me.  How would I blog without my Hey Girl?)


I love these girls ya’ll.  They are so fun to take care of and I love seeing my kids be a part of this!  We named them after gems:  Opal, Onyx, Pearl, Emerald, and Amber.  They are 5 completely different breeds.   (we have a Golden Comet, a Rhode Island Red, an Americana, a Black Leghorn, and a Brahma mix.)

IMG_5737And…our first egg!  Fresh chicken eggs are so much richer and better tasting than eggs you get at the grocery store.  Right now they are just laying eggs on the ground of the coop.  We were hoping they would train themselves to go into the little boxes we made for them.  I heard if you put golf balls where you want them to lay the eggs, that is where they will lay them.   So, we tried it and it worked!  Here is a link to a VIDEO I took and posted on Instagram of the chicken coop.  Pretty cool!


They are so friendly!  My son loves coming with me in the morning to feed them, give them fresh water,  and check for eggs.


They eat some chicken feed, scratch grain, leafy greens, and table scraps.  (Just not chicken!).

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