New Month, New Project

Just because we can have it doesn’t mean we should. 

I am happy to say I made it through March alive and well.  The average American spends money at 36 vendors a month.  I cut that into a third and averaged only 12.  (I say average because I cheated a few times.  We took a last minute family trip to Tennessee, and I had an emergency manicure situation.  God has already forgiven me for both of these.  Actually,  He just said he is still working on forgiving the “emergency” manicure.  Did ya’ll know God uses air quotes?)

I am not going to lie…this was really tough.  It sucked a lot of the time.  But what a lesson I learned and am continuing to learn daily. Just because I can have it doesn’t mean I should.   What a lesson my sweet children are learning.  Just because I can give it to them doesn’t mean I should. 

Today,  I granted myself permission to push that little voice that keeps saying that annoying phrase out of my head.  I had some making up to do!  I made today extra special to make up for it…


Lunch was not at Salsaritas.  It was at Panera–this Power Chicken Hummus bowl is fantastic!!   This is a bowl of baby spinach topped with all-natural antibiotic-free chicken, cilantro-jalapeno hummus, cucumbers,  diced tomatoes, red onions, and a fresh squeezed lemon.  This is one of Panera’s  hidden menu items.  They have it…you just have to ask for it.  This ultimate bowl packs in only 330 calories, 14 grams of fat, 20 carbs, 7 grams of fiber and 33 grams of protein.


She missed me.  I could tell.  She was cold and distant at first.  She was quiet.  But she warmed up as soon as I flashed the debit card.


Shoes for the family.  I know this seems like it counteracts with what I did in February with all the our shoes.  But it doesn’t.  I had one pair of tennis shoes.  They have holes in them and they are well over the 500 mile mark.   Plus I heard these will make me run fast.  In case a bear starts chasing me or something.   My hub needed new work shoes since he has a real job and all.    And my kids need new flip flops that match everything.  (dressy flip flops) I just noticed how everyone’s shoes are neutral and mine are so vivid.  Shine bright like a diamond.   (unfortunately, after this purchase my account balance is not shining bright like a diamond.)


New Month.  Volunteer 12 hours at Thompson Children’s Home.

Anyone want to give back and  tackle some hours with me?  They are looking for volunteers to help with gardening, handymen, enrichment instructors, front desk relief, nap time monitors, and piano players (for real piano playing ya’ll…. not what I mean when I am referencing marital relations with my hub).  There are also group opportunities available that include chapel snack providers, cleaning crews, organizing squads, and playtime buddies.   I am down for all of these…except handyman and piano playing.  (Yikes!  Nobody wants any of that)  Let’s do this!


Thank you so much for your support in my  journey through Project 12

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