30 Day Ab Challenge


When I stumbled upon this 30 day ab challenge on Facebook, and I knew I had to do it!  I loved the last social media challenge I did.  It kept me so motivated and accountable!

We are list makers in this house.  And by we, I mean me.  I like to write out calendars, events, to-do lists, grocery lists, bucket lists, even 100 things to do in the summer lists!


Here is how this challenge works…everyday you do the assigned ab challenge.  That’s it.  I will post the daily challenge on Instagram, so if you lose your pic, or didn’t make a calendar like we I did, no biggie.  If you want, post a picture of yourself doing the challenge on Instagram.  Tag me @kacypleasants with #30dayabchallenge and #itsapleasantlife.


I even made a little spot at the bottom for my husband and I to record our waist measurements!  Just for fun and to spark up the competition.  The last time we did a competition together, we were trying to lose 15 pounds.  I lost 4 and he lost 40.  Argggg.


We couldn’t find a cloth measuring tape.  So we wrapped my headphones around our bellies, and wrote it on the Dick’s mailer.  We fancy.  Don’t cheat here guys.  Wrap it around where your belly button is.  (my “high up” waist is much smaller.  It doesn’t count for this.)  Don’t suck in, and don’t wrap the headphones/measuring tape super tight.  Here is an article on how to do it right.  Mine was 34 and 1/4 and my hub’s was 41.  Yikes.  The risk of heart disease and diabetes is increased when your waist circumference is more than 35 inches for females and more than 40 for men.  We are both toeing the line!

Good thing we are about to plank, leg raise, sit up and crunch those inches away!

Don’t know what these moves mean?  Check out my YOUTUBE VIDEOS!  I break down these 4 abdominal exercises in 15 seconds or less!

Hug Life Till I Die.


Yep.  It is still May.  And  I am still that crazy hugging lady.  Some people love to see me coming.  And, I’ve noticed others completely avoid eye contact with me.

Toby has probably had it the worst.  We decided since I didn’t marry  Toby, or give birth to him, he is not in my immediate family.   So he counts towards my 12 hugs a day!  (And by WE, I mean Brody decided this.)


It’s pretty much been like that.  Poor Toby.


This is my friend’s husband who is a for real rock star!  He was in a band many years ago called 11 Day Trip.  We went to see them play over Memorial Day weekend.  I hugged him a bunch and he is kinda famous in Greenwood, so I am now kinda famous by proxy.


This is my friend Michelle, who is a Pure Barre instructor.  I drove out to Huntersville to take her class and give her a huge hug.  She is currently kicking cancer’s ass and I love it.  Plus, we are both Smarty Moms and that is pretty awesome.  (Read Michelle’s smarty article HERE and you can read my smarty article HERE.)  And her class was no joke ya’ll.  I  cried and whined just  like I do in FlyBarre.  And I was soooo sore for days after.


This is Guy.  He owns Whooli’s Grill which is basically the best bar and grill in Charlotte.  I have gone to this joint since high school and it is my Cheers.  They have hands down the best wings ever and the coldest beer.  Ever.


Guy got a big hug because a few days a week he calls me and I go pick up scraps for my chickens.  We eat a lot of fruits and vegetables  at our house.  But there is no way we have enough  scraps to keep my gems happy.   He saves the carrot shavings, ends of lettuce, purple cabbage and celery, mushy tomatoes, and pepper tops.  I feed my chickens healthy food so they produce healthy delicious eggs.

I have a few more days of hugging…before June project 12 starts.  (I am wearing only 12 items of clothing.  The whole month.  And I am terrified.  Stay tuned!)






Defy Gravity

I have been participating in a challenge this month called #defygravityyogi challenge.  Everyday, you post a picture of yourself on Instagram doing the assigned challenge of the day.  Some days were basic asanas, and some days were pretty brutal poses.  This challenge was more difficult for me than I thought it would be.  It is hard to look at a picture of yourself every single day.  It is hard to not judge every fat roll, wrinkle, and skin imperfection.  It is hard to not be critical.

As the month has gone on, I have noticed I have gotten better.  I only make my photographer take just a couple shots.  (instead of 25 photos where I pick the one I look the best in.)  I also wasn’t so obsessed with what filter made my zits appear smaller.  I enjoyed being creative with the pictures and inviting others to join in!


Warrior 2 on top of a fallen tree when my husband and I went to Flat Rock.  (I also liked how I could correct my form…see how I am “surfing” forward?  Now I know that I have the tendency to do that, so I am aware in class to pull back.)


Crescent Lunge.  I am wearing shorts in this picture.  I haven’t worn shorts in years because I don’t exactly love my legs.  But these thick stems are strong as shit and power me through my crazy days.


Kadyn and I in Chair pose together.  This is outside the restaurant after celebrating her 11th birthday.


Spinal Balance with one of my favorite yoga teachers, Shanna.  (Read her blog HERE.)


This was my absolute least favorite pose.  It is weird, ugly, and flatters no one.  Even that tree behind me is cringing.


Revolved side angle.  This is one of those where all I saw was rolls of fat, a giant butt and thick legs.  But I posted it anyway, and got comments that mentioned my strong back and great hair.  It is easy to get in that trap of noticing only the imperfections.


 Handstand.  I have been working on this pose for over a year now.  Everyday.  I tell my students all the time…”If you want handstand in your practice, you have to PRACTICE it.”


This is me and my favorite little people  after celebrating my birthday with frozen yogurt.  Love them.  And yes.  I am wearing shorts again.   (who am I?)

I am doing another challenge in June…(in addition to June Project 12 which is going to be scary enough!)  This next challenge involves toning up the core and it is going to be awesome!  I’ll post about the challenge later this week…but it starts June 1st, so get ready!  Follow me on Instagram for more details and daily reminders.  (I even got my husband to commit to doing this with me.  We are about to get ripped!)


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