Italian Zucchini Boats

If you liked the Mexican Zucchini Boats I posted a few weeks ago, you are going to love this recipe too!  If you haven’t tried it yet–what are you waiting for?  My husband and I both agreed that we did not miss the tortillas in the Mexican recipe,  and didn’t miss the pasta in this Italian version!  (Also see Eggplant Awesomeness)


Preheat oven to 400.  (make sure the pan is out of the oven first if you are the type of person to stick in back in the oven if you don’t feel like washing it.  Don’t feel bad if you do this.  You are probably hilarious, vivacious, and drive around being hot and awesome. )  Back to the food.  Chop an onion and use ground chicken breast to try to fool your man into thinking it is beef.  He won’t buy it, but do it anyway because it has less calories.   Brown the chicken breast with some garlic in a pan.


Last time I used a melon baller and enjoyed typing the word balls the whole recipe.  I loved the Mexican flavored balls in the last recipe but my husband was not a fan.   I tried a different approach and cut out long rod-shaped pieces.  I’ll call these penises rods.


I wanted to sneak in more zucchini because it is a low-calorie, healthy filler.  So, I decided to shred the rods with a shredder.


This is the sauce that I used because I am lazy busy being awesome.  And yes…Those are balls in the background because the rods were too hard.  (to cut.)  So I had to shred the balls too.  Add the shredded rods and shredded balls to the sauce.




This is a picture of my awesome herb garden.  My husband made it for me several years ago so I wouldn’t have to bend over to pick herbs.  (because I was turning 30…)  I went out and got some basil.  A piece dropped on the way in.  Thank goodness Toby ate it because I am 36 now, and there is no way I was getting that basil.


Layer the sauce mixture over the scooped out zucchini.


Add cheese.  Not a sprinkle.  Put so much cheese that you worry it might melt over.  Cover with foil and cook for 30-35 minutes. ENJOY!  XO

Healthy Eats

Hope the  week is treating everyone well!  I had a little check up on Monday with my gastro doctor and things are looking up for me!  Yay!   I am now in what they call medically-induced remission.  I know I am taking two medications, but I consider food to be medicine too.  I know when I eat to fuel and nourish my body, that is when I feel the best!


Lots of low carb  eats this week!  Above- Broiled Sausage (use the broiler pan to catch the grease) and homemade coleslaw.  I toss the cabbage with lemon juice, then add olive oil mayo and dill weed.


Strawberries have been on our table almost every night this week!


And always carrots and cucumbers…the only two vegetables my son will eat right now! I always serve a fruit and a veggie with dinner.


Two separate Chick Fil A trips.  (I love their nugget/fries and especially the sauce, so I am really proud of these two trips.)  Top is cobb salad…I asked for grilled chicken instead of fried. (topped with avacado lime dressing) The bottom is an 8-count of the new “backyard” grilled nuggets.  I was starving after taking my friend Michelle’s Pure Barre class the other day and happy with my choice in the drive through!  A snack of these grilled nuggets cost me about 150 calories and punched in around 23 grams of protein.

IMG_6286This was one of my favorites!  It is very similar the tuna/avocado salad I did last week.  I changed it up using chicken, avocado and chopped pecans.


Caprese Salad…This is one of my summer staples!  I have a little herb garden that my amazing husband and kids replant for me every mothers day.  This year I have basil, cilantro and dill weed.  All my favorites!  I love going out to pick my own basil for this salad.  I drizzled with balsamic, and sliced avocado instead of drizzling olive oil.  (Which I love too…  I had to hurry and use my avocados because you know how avocados can be.  My friend Katie posted this earlier.  Hilarious!)


Bella Fresca Café:  First time here…loved it!  I will go again and recommend it–super clean, delicious, and friendly staff.   I got the Greek salad with lamb.  It was amazing.  I know I will crave this salad again soon.  Oh.  And they have gelato there.  Even sugar-free chocolate!


This week’s 10%?  Sweet Frogs with my daughter and her friends.  Fro yo is one thing I cannot pass up.

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Flat Rock

I am about to go out of town again this weekend, but I wanted to share my last experience first!  My husband and I traveled to Flat Rock, NC for a wedding a few weeks ago.  We stayed at the Highland Lake Inn & Resort, which is where the wedding was.   We did not bring our kids, but this place is very kid-friendly.  (We discussed going back this summer and bringing them!)

Here is a look at our trip in pictures!


Our little cabin!  This is how I like to rough it!  We had a huge king-sized bed, with a full bath, and a mini fridge!


We got to Flat Rock early, so we could have time to hike and look around before the wedding.  Here you can see they are already set up and ready!


Beautiful lake complete with paddle boats, and canoes you can use for more exploring.


We hiked further to see this awesome waterfall and geese with their babies.


I was surprised they let us get so close.


Here I am climbing on stones.  (I am scared of heights, and I am not kidding when I tell you my husband had to help me down.  All four feet.  I was nervous-hysterical-laughing.  almost crying.)


I have never seen an all-white peacock before.   She was just roaming around and posed for this shot.


Yes.  There is a yoga studio on the grounds.  It was closed, (no classes on Saturday afternoon or Sundays) so I didn’t get to take a class,  we just snooped in the windows.


They had a pretty sweet chicken coop too.   (But they probably didn’t name their girls after gems.)


A former co-worker (from when I had a real job), the beautiful bride and me!


The restaurant on site is called Season’s.  They pride themselves on using local ingredients and have won many awards.  This is my husband’s plate and it looked way better than mine.  Mine had just a tiny bit of mac and cheese because that is like crack to me.


This is a picstitch of the breakfast spread…amazing.


These seed packets were on the table as our gifts.  I can’t wait to plant them and see what sprouts up!


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