Protein Awesomeness

Protein is my jam.  It is awesome, and essential to my diet and right now, my weight loss.  Protein is made up of amino acids, which the body uses to repair cells. Too little protein leads to low energy, increased hunger and loss of lean body mass. That’s why eating the correct amount of it is important for weight loss.  (You can figure out how much you need by multiplying your weight by .36.  (.8 if you are a serious body builder.  So the average 150 pound female needs around 54 grams of protein. Although I do not weigh 300 pounds, nor am I a serious body builder, there are days I have well over 100 grams of protein.)


I found this little chart, which I loved.  Some people think protein is found only in animal products.  Wrong!  Veggies are a great way to get in protein…with a lot less calories too.  I usually like to get my protein from eggs, spinach (and other greens), various meats,  fish, broccoli, nuts/seeds, and plain yogurt.   Since I am going balls to the wall here, I need to have the ease and convenience of protein shakes and bars from time to time.

This week, I mixed up my processed protein a few ways…


This root beer float was amazing.   Just ice, 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder and Zevia diet root beer.   I had it as an afternoon snack when I knew we were going to eat dinner a little later than normal.  At 200 calories, and 25 grams of protein it was perfect.  Eating the right amount of protein will give you a feeling of fullness and help stave off hunger pangs.  When I am hungry and my blood sugar gets low, I am a monster.  Also, protein gives you energy throughout the day, increasing the amount of physical activity you can perform.  I teach at least one (usually more) hot yoga class every day.  I also practice yoga and/or do some type of exercise daily.   I need as much energy through out the day as I can get!


And this is a protein pancake.  I mixed 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder with just enough water to make it like pancake batter.  I topped it with sugar free syrup and butter.  Heaven.  I don’t really love pancakes that much either.  But you know as soon as you declare to the world that you aren’t eating carbs you are all like:  GIVE ME PANCAKES AND BISCUITS.


I saw this video that sparked this idea.  I wasn’t going to eat it like cereal anyway…and obviously these are too big for cereal morsels anyway.  But they were gooey, hot, and a plate of cookies.  I had a plate of cookies for breakfast.  How awesome is that?

I am planning on trying some other new things this week…I can’t wait to share!

Do you have any favorite ways to sneak in more protein or creative ways to keep your diet interesting?

May: Project 12

I am really excited about the project for this month!  Project 12 has been such a learning experience for me…and my loved ones!

Before I get into this new month ahead I have to tell you about April Project 12.  I did some pretty awesome things this month.  I did a few random acts of kindness, donated some money, and a little of my time.  But I didn’t go to Thompson Children’s Home one time.  Not even once.   Never.  Nil.   I had to volunteer 12 hours.  The whole month.  I didn’t go fill out the paperwork.  I didn’t  call.  I had really good intentions.  Every week, I would declare that I was going to call, fill out my paperwork, and volunteer my ass off.  Never happened.  I was too “busy”.  When I looked at other April blog posts it looks like I was “busy” going to Food Truck parties, doing crafts with my kids, being the best wife ever, and having photo shoots.    I was not too busy to go.  I just did not make the time to go.  There.   Admitted.  I am going to not feel guilty and move on.  I am human and real.  (And from what I hear, that is one of the things you like about reading my blog.  And I promise I’ll make it up and then some)


I want to grow.  And I want others to grow.  So, I am setting out to give 12 hugs a day.  (and my immediate family doesn’t count.)

Hugs encourage intimacy, build relationships and lift spirits. People who hug frequently enjoy happier relationships, better moods, lower blood pressure and less stress than those who hug on an irregular basis.  And I could be saving the world.  Yes.  The Elephant Journal published THIS ARTICLE about why hugs are just as important as saving the world!  Save the world?  Why not?  I mean.  I would feel better about not volunteering last month if I saved the world and everything.

This has been a fun one so far…Here is a look at who I have been hugging!


This is Kelly, my dental hygienist.  I love her.  I love going to the dentist so she and I can catch up.  I am one of those annoying patients who talk the entire time.  While she is flossing, I am trying to talk.  While she is scraping, rinsing, polishing I am talking.  There is never a dull moment.   (Plus, she calls cavities “grooves” so I am technically still in the No Cavity Club.  And for the record, I have only had two grooves ever.  And they were like half grooves. )


This is my friend and fellow yoga teacher,  Rachael, and that is a baby in her belly.  I hugged them both.


And this hug was a long, snuggly sweet one.  This is my  8 week old nephew,  Declan.  He flew all the way from Dubai just to see me.   He smelled the way new babies smell and I am madly in love.  (Only a little bit of  baby fever.)

These hugs were all well and good.  I know these folks.  But to really do this right, I am going to have to get a little crazy though.  So,  I hugged the waitress at Hickory Tavern, seven trees in my neighborhood,  and 2 people at Publix today.   (I hope I don’t get arrested this month)

Do you need a hug?  Do you know someone who could use a hug?  Leave me a comment and maybe I will pay you a visit!    It’s like I get to be Santa this month.   (or Satan for people who hate hugs.)



So Far, So Good

I have felt great this week eating clean and exercising.  My energy levels are back, I have slept great,  and I even lost a few pounds.  Isn’t that crazy how your body thanks you for treating it well?  My friend and I have walked a few times this week, and I got do some yoga with some high school students at Charlotte Country Day.  I wish I had started yoga in high school, or even college.   I have a friend who always says she doesn’t know how she could have made it through college without yoga.  How amazing is that?


This has made an appearance in my coffee.  Not as good as half and half, but definitely better than unsweetened almond milk.


My favorite on-the-go shake.  This flavor taste like a Tootsie roll.


I used to love tuna and ate it all the time.  It has made a come back.  I love these pouches too.  (It is one less thing to weigh/measure and I am really watching my portions.  I had a pouch plain one day, topped a salad another, and my favorite was mixed with an avocado for breakfast.


I know this looks gross, but it was amazing!  I used a whole avocado (4 ounces) and a package of tuna.  It was only 270 calories, but this mix up of protein and healthy fat got me through my morning workout, and all my errands.  (I knew I was having a late lunch this day.)


These were a hit for dinner this week.  Mini meatloaf!  The bottom are made with only lean beef, and egg and worchestershire sauce.  The top ones are made with turkey, egg whites and poultry seasoning.  These minis went perfect with a huge chopped salad I made.

I have been playing around with mixing up protein shakes and bars this week too!  Stay tuned for some amazing recipes!  (One is for protein pancakes!)


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