June Project 12!

It’s June!  Time for a new Project 12 adventure!  And I am dying.  Not only am I doing a crazy ab challenge,  I am also only wearing 12 items of clothing.  Yes.  Only 12.

Why am I doing this?  Because I live in excess.  We live in excess.  It is gross, and  I am just as guilty of riding on the consumer train.  It’s a fun ride.  Until you stop and think about it.  Then it is actually more like the drunken tilt-a-whirl.   I have tons of dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, shirts, yoga clothes, purses, jewelry, and don’t forget the shoes.  I do not even wear all of these items, and I definitely don’t need them.  I just keep buying stuff.  Just to buy more stuff.  Then I buy stuff to put the stuff in.  And then stuff for the stuff.  It is so sickening.

Jen Hatmaker writes in her book, Seven:
“This is hard to process, so it helps to imagine standing in front of the families of my Ethiopian children, who were too poor and sick to raise their own beloved babies.  As I gaze upon their hopelessness, I imagine them calculating what I’ve spent on clothing alone, realizing that same amount would’ve kept their family fed and healthy for thirty years.”

 I am crying as I type that excerpt from the book.  It is so true.  I am not doing this to change the world.  I am doing this to create some awareness.  Awareness in my circle of friends, my readers, my own family and inside me.  There are going to be times that this little project is going to be uncomfortable.   It is okay to be uncomfortable.  That is where the praying and the growth start.


Three yoga outfits.  3 tops, and one long pair of pants and two capri length pants.


One long dress, a pair of shorts, and a lavender top.



A pair of flip flops, a pair of tennis shoes, and a bathing suit.

I am not counting undergarments or socks because I’m not.  I will wear my wedding ring (I would have to peel them off of me if I didn’t), and a pair of silver hoop earrings.  Same purse all month.  No fun, funky necklaces, or any of the awesome bracelets that I have.


Wish me luck.


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