The Ab Challenge is Over!



This has been a challenge, that’s for sure.  There were many days I wanted to give up…especially there at the end!  I mean, 200 crunches?  Craziness.


The results don’t lie though.  My abs are so strong.  I feel it when I’m in plank, and when I am practicing arm balances in my yoga classes.  Our measurements are pretty awesome too…although I am going to attribute that to our Fat Fast, and strict keto diet following that crazy little fast we did.  My waist went from 34.25 inches to 32.75 inches, so I lost 1.5 inches.  My husband went from 41 inches to 38.25, losing 3.75 inches!


We even got down and did it this weekend at our beach condo this weekend!  I loved doing this with him, and knowing how many others were along for the ride too!  I found another challenge that looked fun…abs, arms, and gams.  It is leg raises, push ups and squats.  Let’s start that in August!  Who’s down?

Challenges.  Love them or hate them?  Do you think they help motivate you, or stress you out?

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