Project 12: August

In August I am choosing only 12 foods to eat.   This is going to be a tough one.  I love food. I love preparing it, growing it, smelling it, cooking it, and of course,  eating it.  I am one of those people who actually enjoy going to the grocery store.  I plan our meals in advance and make long lists to take with me to the store.

I have written and re-written this list over a hundred times in the past couple weeks.  I have asked friends and family and even  Facebook what they would choose!

My kids are fascinated with my list of foods.  I have changed it over and over again and we have discussed what makes the most sense.  I have been very quick to explain to them that most of the world would feel lucky to even have 12 choices.  Remember my post on The Lunch Project?  Those kids eat the same thing 364.  One day they get red beans and rice.

Here we go:


1,  Avocados.  Always and forever.  These never got crossed off the list.

2.  Chicken.


3.  Leafy Greens.


4.  Bacon.  Love it.  Must have it.

5.  Eggs


6.  EAS Protein Shakes.  These are the cheapest, lowest calorie, highest protein, no cholesterol shakes.  (not my favorite, but I’ll make them work.)


7.  Tomatoes.  My only “fruit”


8.  Almonds.

9.  Ground Beef


10.  Cheddar Cheese

11.  Heavy Cream


12.  Cauliflower

There you have it.  Those are my 12 foods for the month!   This is going to be tough… I am going to have to be really creative  and find some cool recipes.  Bacon almond butter anyone?

If I cheat, I promise I will fess up.

I already cheated.  I licked the knife yesterday after I made my son’s peanut butter sandwich.  🙁

**I am counting only foods.  So my coffee doesn’t count.  (I am counting the cream I put in it).  Olive oil, salt and pepper are freebies too.  Just like how undies were free in June!

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