It is so interesting to me how fascinated we all are in each others lives.  I guess that is why reality TV is so popular.  I don’t think that people are judging…maybe just comparing.  I get it…I love observing/reading about what others do too!  And I like every reality TV show there is.

When I wrote about my Thursday a few weeks ago, the feedback was awesome.  Which is funny to me, because not a lot of thought or passion went into writing that post.  It was just what I did that day.  So I thought I would share what other days look like.  One thing I love about this “new life” is that no day is ever the same!

Here is what Monday looked like:


7:00am-  Alarm goes off.  I love Mondays.  Sleeping in until 7am feels like a dream come true.  Make bulletproof coffee in my new Nutribullet my mother-in-law gave me.  It was an early Christmas husband and I asked our parents if we could not exchange gifts this year and keep it really simple.  Lucky for me, my MIL had already bought the bullet, and gave it to me as a “you are awesome” gift, along with a really sweet card that made my day.


7:15am- Go wake my kids up.  Help them with breakfast, packing lunches, feeding Toby, feeding chickens, getting dressed, packing up backpacks, brushing teeth, and signing forms.  I LOVE mornings with my kids–everyone is in a good mood, we listen to music, and we are not in a big rush.

8:40am- Kids get on the bus.

9:00am- Meet a client at the YMCA.  This client and I meet several times a week to walk on the treadmill, do some light stretching, and some strength exercises.  She is recently had numerous surgeries and needs to regain functional fitness.  She can do all the work on her own…I am there for accountability.  We all need that accountability, and that validation. ..just in different forms.


10:15am- Meet a private client at her house.  This client has been doing yoga for a while now, so this was a one time visit to check in with her form and breathwork.  Look how awesome her one-legged chattaranga looks!  She was really excited when she saw that I brought her some eggs from our chickens!

11:30am- Quick stop at the back to deposit some checks…I started teaching the teachers at a local preschool 2 days a week.  I just started, but I already love them!


12:15pm-  Flybarre Class with my instructor Mikki.   I have stuck to my 3 days a week.  I am so proud of myself for making this commitment because I can see and feel results!


1:30pm- Home to eat a quick lunch (avocado chicken salad!), play with Toby, fold this giant pile of my son’s laundry (I do make him put it away!),  and upload/edit some pictures for my blog.  Does any one else feels like the laundry never ever gets done?

3:00pm- Taught a yoga class at Y2 Yoga.  This is a single shot class, which means there are no chaturangas.  We also only go through the sequence once on each side which means longer, deeper holds.

4:30pm-  Meet my kids at the bus stop, and start to make dinner.  I tried a new recipe for Green Chicken Curry–I’ll share this later this  week!

5:30pm- Eat dinner-I love and cherish this time.

7:15pm- Back to Y2 Yoga for a double shot class (2 times through the sequence with vinyasas,  and the boys go to to Boy Scouts.

9:00pm-  You know I go to sleep early…I have to be up at 5:00am on Tuesdays!  After I got home, I got in bed and watched  Dr. Phil…feeling thankful that other people are crazier than I am.


Project 12 Update!

I am so happy that September Project 12 has turned out so well.  And to think—I only did this to make up for not volunteering in April.  Patrick, who works at Thompson said this was a much better way to go, since I would have just gotten in the way!


These are 5 of the 11 yoga students who showed up at OM Yoga on Saturday for the fourth donation class.  The weather was so perfect, we opened the windows during practice.  OM is a such a beautiful studio located right in  Fort Mill, SC.  Maria, the owner was kind enough to donate the space for the cause!


We raised $80, and received 11 more deodorants to add to the bundle! I cannot wait to deliver all these collected toiletries and a giant check to Thompson at the end of this month!   I have $1311 so far, and one more donation class to go.   (It is this Thursday,  September 25 9:30-10:30am at The Cornwell Center.)

After teaching two classes on Saturday, and leading a private session,  I was grateful to get my own practice in at Y2 Yoga and take my friend Shanna‘s class.

My family made plans to go to Which Wich for dinner.   I love their lettuce wraps…and they have the best crushed ice!  My daughter must have forgotten where I was, so she sent me this message.  I think we all wish there was a bacon emoji, right?

I love where my daughter and I are right now.  We butted heads for a few years, and I am so scared she is going to be all teenager-y soon  and we will have to start all over.  For now,  I try to just savor these moments.


Mini Quiches

These little mini quiches were pretty much the highlight of our weekend.  Meaning mine and Toby‘s.  One of these gems dropped on the floor and he gobbled it up, then proceeded to lick the floor for any crumbs.  I seriously would  have done the same if another one dropped.  They are that good!


I use Neese’s sausage because it is localish…Greensboro, NC actually.  They are a family business and run by the  fourth generation of Neese’s with the fifth generation on the way.   It is about $1.00 more, but I don’t mind to pay a little extra to support a local family business.   Plus extra sage =extra yum.

Here is what you need:

I pound of Neese’s Sausage
2 cups of shredded sharp cheddar cheese
6 eggs (fresh eggs are the best eggs)
2 Tablespoons of heavy cream

Directions:  Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Brown the sausage, then drain.  Pour sausage in a large bowl and add cheese, eggs, and heavy cream.  Mix together.   Lightly spray muffin tin.  Pour about 1/3 cup into each muffin tin.   Bake for about 20-25 minutes.



Each little mini quiche comes in at around 200 calories, less than 1 carb, no sugar, and about 12 grams of protein.  We had  these for dinner along with steamed broccoli and fresh fruit.  A crowd pleaser for sure!  (I did make some of these little quiches with egg whites, olive oil, and 2% cheese for my daughter and she loved them too.  No photo though because they puffed up like giant mushroom clouds, then fell flat.  One of those taste better than it looks moments.)

 Breakfast for dinner is a staple in this house!  Do you like having breakfast foods for dinner?  Or are you more on the side of breakfast foods in the morning only?



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