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I cannot believe it has been a week since I wrote something.  I have been crazy busy in all the ways that involve unplugging and connecting with real live people.  It has been really fulfilling.


I led a yoga retreat this past weekend…Talk about getting out of your comfort zone!  Luckily these women were brilliant, beautiful, hilarious, and we had a blast!


At the retreat center, there was an art studio, so I threw some pottery for the first time ever! After only about 17 tries, I ended up with a lopsided bowl that I had to make into a heart to give it some character!   I was thinking it would be perfect for guacamole.


Wi-fi and cell phone service was pretty shabby on the mountain.  It was such a nice break to actually talk to people and not get caught up in social media.  I’ll post a blog next week with more details about the trip…plus another retreat coming in April of 2015.



I only want to eat avocados right now, so that is what I am eating.  A few days a week, I am busy going here and there, so I have to pack my lunch.  Pretty easy…I just sprinkle with salt and pepper and eat it with a spoon.

And how about I let my daughter pick out my nail color?  We went to get mani/pedis because of her awesome report card.  I told her she could pick whatever color…that is relinquishing control!  Plus, I get gel, so this was at least a two week commitment.  Luckily, she takes after me and has amazing taste!


This little piggy went to the bank…we have been saving our change.  I wanted to see about how much this piggy bank holds…Around $120 this go ’round.  This is perfect because I have my eye on some really cute boots.


I am still using the Rodan and Fields line.  Above shows my results…First picture being before, second after one week, the third after 3 weeks.  I tried to take these selfies in my car, around the same time of day, and didn’t use a filter.  Yo can really see the difference.  I can’t wait to see my results after 6 weeks.


I have been trying to soak up this last little bit of amazing weather.  Toby and I have been walking in the afternoons…my favorite Pandora station?  90’s Hip Hop Radio.  I swear Toby’s ears perk up and he starts to strut a little when Snoop comes on.   I am about to redo my playlists for my yoga classes.  Don’t be surprised if you are holding your warriors to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

Stay tuned for my November Project 12, where we are going to get rid of some clutter and neaten things up a bit.   An Instagram Challenge!  #neatnessnovember!


Yoga at the Epicentre


I was so happy to present this check to Thompson after my month of donation classes for my Project 12 in  September!


The second Epicentre yoga event was a success!  The weather was beautiful, and the venue was perfect.  I am so happy that Rooftop210 invited us back!  It is so fun to hang out with everyone…yoga people are fun people!  I love that after we practice,  we sit around and have dinner and drinks together.


There is just something really awesome about practicing yoga outside.  The sun was just starting to set when we started, and by the time we made it to savasana, the stars were starting to sparkle.

Taking yoga to the Epicentre has been really fun and a great way to continue to raise money for Thompson.  Did you miss the first two?  No worries!  The next Epicentre Yoga event will be on Wednesday November 5th at 6:30pm at Whisky River.



Yes.  There is a bull.  And yes.  We will do yoga on the bull after we practice!    Space is limited, so sign up early!  It is only $16–I am donating a portion of all proceeds straight to Thompson.

**********SIGN UP HERE **********



Sausage Balls

I love these.  Sausage balls or die.  I took them to a party, and my husband  re-proposed and confessed his undying love for me after eating these little delights.


You know how sometimes you eat sausage balls at a party, and you eat a ton because they are so good, then feel so full and heavy afterward?  Probably because of that nasty Bisquick.

Here is what I did to change it up:


1 egg
1 pound of Jimmy Dean Sausage (I used the natural, gluten-free, no msg kind)
8 ounces of cheese
1.25 cups of Almond Flour


Preheat oven to 375
Mix all ingredients in a bowl
Form 48 small balls
Cook until golden brown.  (around 20-25 minutes)


Thank goodness it was a very small party I was going to.  (I had to sample at least 12 of these before I left to make sure they were okay.  🙂

Nutrition Facts:
1 sausage ball
Calories: 51
Fat 4.2g
Carbs .7g
Protein: 3g


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