Cauliflower Pizza Crust!


IMG_9727 He got it pretty good this time because he would not leave me alone to make this pizza crust.  He wanted to use my new food processor just as bad as me,  and kept dirtying things up when I was trying to take pictures for this post!

I have been dying to try the famous cauliflower crust pizza, and after searching many recipes, I finally decided to combine a recipe loosely following The Detoxinista and The Lucky Penny.  (I love these two food bloggers!)


Here is what you need for the crust:  A head of cauliflower, 2 ounces of goat cheese(half of a small log like pictured), an egg, salt, and some sprinkling of dried spice.  I was out of oregano, so I used tarragon.

IMG_9707 Use a food processor to “rice” the cauliflower florets, then dump in a bowl.  Microwave for 4-5 minutes.  Preheat the oven to 400.


This is the biggest, most important step.  Take the cauliflower out of  the microwave, strain it, then put it on a cheese cloth to cool off a bit.  Then you wring it out.  When you think you have all the water out,  you don’t, so wring it out again.  You do not want any water left in the cauliflower.  (soggy crust?  no way!)

Dump that wrung out cauliflower back in the bowl and add the other ingredients.  Mix well with hands.


Spray parchment paper with cooking spray and press the “dough” into pie pans.  You could do one big pizza too, I was just having a friend over and we wanted to make our own pizzas.IMG_9713 Pour some wine and get out all your toppings.  The crust will need to cook for about 30-40 minutes.

You’ll know the crust is done when the edges are nice and  brown or when the first bottle of wine is gone.


Here are our creations.  I went with a tomato base and half gouda/pepperoni, one fourth goat cheese/salmon, and one fourth mozzarella/basil.  My friend Emily was a little more creative and made a face with hers…mozzerella eyes, basil hair…she even made a salmon tongue.  (My looked a little boring after seeing hers…Is she more inventive than me, or did she just have more wine?)


The finished products.  There was nothing boring about these.  We demolished them.  I will make this again.  A lot.  I have actually craved this daily since Saturday.  You can actually pick this pizza up and eat it like a normal person does.  See, I’m that not normal person who scrapes off all the toppings and gives the crust to her chickens.

Although this recipe was pretty amazing, I am thinking about playing with a few changes…maybe a tablespoon of almond flour?  Parmesan cheese instead of goat cheese?   I’ll let you know what I come up with, and if anything topped this recipe!

Cauliflower Pizza crust…Does this sound like something you would enjoy?

Top Posts of 2014

I have been blogging now for over 2 years.  My old blog, Living with UC in the QC officially expired last month, and it has been a year with this new blog.  I love writing and sharing my life and I think about how my grandkids will even be able to look back and see what a firecracker their grandma was!

In the magical world of blogging, you can view your stats and see how many people click on your posts, what sites they click on from your blog, and even what devices people are using to read your blog.  I love this, and find it so interesting.  Plus, this is a great tool for me to grow and give my readers what they want.

Here is a look at my top 10 posts (in order) of 2014:

1.  Struggling:  A pretty raw post about my weight loss.

2.  Being the Heavy: A post where I share details of how our family dealt with my daughter’s cholesterol/weight.

3.  Fat Fasting-Part Two:  The results of a modified fat fast a friend and I did this past summer.

4.  Why I Took Away Halloween:  The story of how my husband and I had to lay down the law with our son.

5.  Bulletproof Coffee: This has changed my life… I now use 2 tablespoons of Kerigold butter, organic stevia, and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.

6.  Hair on my Chinny Chin Chin:   The wonderful world of aging and how hair starts to sprout in places you wish it wouldn’t.

7.  Hey Girl:  This was a funny idea I had one day…it has really taken off!

8.  Find your Fun Aunt Kacy: A post about being your amazing self…the fun self that others see!

9.  Broccoli Cheddar Soup:  This is a great soup, but I find it funny the amount of clicks….maybe because it is so easy?!

10.  What is your Love Language?  If you missed this the first go round, it is worth a read.


My readers really like when I am open, real, raw, and honest.

And funny.  🙂


December Project 12-Update 4


This was a really fun part of this month’s project!  The kids and I went to the bank, and got a roll of nickels, a roll of pennies and 40 singles.  We came home and bagged them up so each baggie held $1.06 and a note.  (we wanted to include tax)  We were ready for Dollar Store “love bombing.”


Once in the Dollar store, we snuck around and placed the baggies near the stuffed animals, candy, coloring books, and toys.  Except my son just HAD to put one in the freezer!  (who knew there was a freezer in the Dollar Store?)  How amazing for a kid to find this baggie…they could buy any item in the store!

I know it seems like the $42.50 is a lot to spend on this , plus the other money we have spent on this project so far.  Daniel and I talked with our parents beforehand and decided not to exchange gifts this year, so that has helped off set some of the cost.  We have also seen first hand how what you give comes back in really amazing ways.


You know I had to give my special angel a really great gift.  Alyica is an amazing friend and she also comes and cleans my house every other week.  I have spoken before about how much I love her.  She makes my life so much easier and sweeter.  I am not constantly cleaning, or yelling at my family to help me clean.  I teach an extra yoga class a week to keep her on rotation and it is well worth it.  We all made her cards and got her these beautiful tulips.  I also picked her up a pretty large bill when we were at the bank.  (Again–I know that seems extravagant, but I would be a mess without her.  Pun intended.)


My husband and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary a little differently this year.  We decided to go give platelets together.  The whole process takes about 3-4 hours but they let you watch movies (I watched Dreamgirls…it is fabulous!) and they feed you snacks.


During a platelet donation, a small portion of your blood (about 1/4 pint at a time), is drawn from your arm and passed through a sophisticated cell-separating machine. The machine collects the platelets and safely returns the remaining blood components, along with some saline, back to you. 

A single platelet donation can provide enough platelets for a full therapeutic dose for a patient in need. In fact, some platelet donations yield enough platelets for two or three therapeutic doses. By contrast, it takes four to six whole blood donations to produce a single therapeutic dose.  Many patients who need platelets are undergoing chemotherapy or organ transplant and have weakened immune systems.  A platelet dose from a single donor reduces the patient’s exposure to multiple donors and is therefore preferred by many physicians. 

One platelet donation can be worth from 12 to 18 whole blood donations.   —American Red Cross



The people at the donation center were so comforting and nice.  They loved us and thought I was hilarious.  (they must not get many people in there…so you need to go donate!)  We were treated like royalty, and even scored  long-sleeved tees.

The Pleasants crew has a few more items to knock off our Project 12 list, so stay tuned!

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