Recap of #neatinnov

What a month of getting neat and organized.  I will do a similar challenge again next year for one of my Project 12 assignments…maybe  #straightenupsept or #organizedoct?

What I enjoyed most about this challenge was that I really forced encouraged my whole family to get involved in this.  I strive to  teach my kids that we work hard for what we have, and letting them see how lucky we are to have what we do.  They need to feel that gratitude is EVERYTHING.  Sure…we had to clean out our car on Thanksgiving…but we own a car.  IMG_9297 Day 24:  Walk around the house with a garbage bag and fill it up.  I caught this one headed to the garbage can to toss this bag she said was “full”.  Does that look full to you?  I sent her behind right back in to fill it up!

Day 25:  Organize hall closet.  We had some old yoga mats we donated to a friend, and some old jackets we donated to Goodwill.


Day 26:  Go through your makeup and toss the old stuff.  (click HERE for a cosmetic calculator to help you figure out the shelf life.)  I had a ton of samples from Birchboxes (blue sparkly eyeshadow just isn’t my look.) that I don’t use and my daughter was more than happy to take off my hands.  Then we washed all my brushes in warm soapy water, rinsed well, then set out to dry.  I guess Toby wanted to practice his make up skills– you can see he got one of my brushes.


Day  27:  Get all the trash out of your car.  Most of the trash in my car is from my wonderful children, so I sent this one out with a bag to take care of business.

Day 28: Go through your linens and donate/toss unused.  We use cloth napkins with every meal, so some of our napkins had to go straight in the trash.  We have 2 blankets we don’t use often, so I put them in my car to give to a homeless person who can use them.  (And today Charlotte is hitting a high of 70 degrees, but on Saturday, it was frigid!)

Day 29:  Look under your bed.  Get that stuff out.  I can’t even post a picture of what was found under our beds.  If you are a parent, you can imagine and I’ll leave it at that.


Day 30:  Organize your pantry.   My favorite little helper– she did the pantry all by herself.

Hope this month helped you to feel a little lighter…physically, emotionally, and mentally!

Stay tuned for my December Project 12–I’ll post some details this week of our adventures for this month.

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