2015 Project 12

The new year is here and in full swing!  I wanted to share with you what I plan on doing for Project 12 in 2015.

blessing 004

JanuaryBlessing Bags– a repeat of last January.  If it aint broke, don’t fix it.  We plan on making several of these weekly, to pass out to friends and family.  If you want a few bags for your car, you know where to find me.  If you want to donate items for the blessing bags, please let me know.  Things that would be helpful are: cases of water, granola bars, socks, toiletries, hand warmers, wet wipes, and tissues.

February: Love Letters–Every single day I am going to write a letter to a human that I love…like on real paper and with a real pen.  Then mail it.  Like with a stamp.

March:  No eating out.  Yikes.  I am scared.  And we don’t even eat out that much.  But when we do, I LOVE it.   Going out to eat is the absolute best…someone else cooks and cleans for you.


April:  No Meat Month.  (I am taking a poll….should bacon count?)

May:  Try 12 new recipes- This will be so fun to get out my cookbooks, go to my favorite sites and get some new flavors in our house.  We are creatures of habit around here, so we tend to have the same things on rotation in our house for dinner.


June:  Everyday, spend 12 minutes alone, uninterrupted with my husband.  We plan on  setting a timer and threatening/bribing our children with whatever it takes to get this alone time.

July:  No Make Up Month.  Not even BB cream.  I will say I am less nervous about this since I am using a new skin care line.  And I will probably get eyelash extensions.

August:  I am leaving this one blank…I think something amazing may come to me by August.  🙂


September: Raise $1200 for a charity by teaching donation yoga classes.  (Another repeat project…Last year this was really successful, so why not do it again?  )

October: #organizedinoct.  You asked for it!  This will be very similar to the #neatinnov Challenge that we completed  in 2014.  You can read about that challenge HERE.


November:  No social media.  No facebook/twitter/instagram.  I will still blog, but you will have to sign up for email notifications.  Which you should do anyway.  I had this as a challenge last year on two separate months, but I changed it.  TWICE.  I would rather wear the same purple shirt for an entire month than not check my social media accounts.  (RIDICULOUS.)

DecemberGG’s (Giving and Gratitude)  I really loved this month with my family.  It was incredibly fulfilling.  So this one is definitely on repeat!



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2 thoughts on “2015 Project 12”

  1. I love this! Absolutely LOVE the blessing bags and should really put a few together myself. It breaks my heart when I pass someone on the side of the road and have nothing to hand them, even though I have so much. I also REALLY need to get off social media for a month. It’s becoming an issue.

    1. I will plan on sending a few blessing bags your way! And why don’t we do the social media challenge together next November. We can just read each others blogs and text each other. HAHA

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