Rodan and Fields-Take 2!


Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!  Just wanted to update you on my skin care journey with Rodan and Fields.  Last time I posted about this, I was using the Unblemish Line.  You can read about that post HERE.

After 2 months on the Unblemish, I saw a noticeable change in my skin.  I still get a few breakouts around shark week, but not near as many.  What I really like is that the brown spots have faded remarkably well.


Here is a before and after.  I know I am smiling more in the “after” picture, but you can still see the texture has improved.


As all Rodan and Fields consultants say, “All roads lead to the Redefine line.”   Left to right:  Face mask, toner, PM and AM moisturizer,  night serum, and eye cream.


Rodan and Fields products are climbing the skin care charts.  Above is a breakdown of similar products, and as you can see you aren’t breaking the bank!

The one thing I was so scared to use was the AmpMD roller.  I ended up sitting down with Claire, and we made a (very amateur) video about how to use it, and why.  You can watch this video on my Youtube channel HERE.  I am only comfortable sporting my face all over the internet with no make up on because of R+F!

Curious about the AmpMD Roller? The Rodan and Fields AmpMD Roller has been called, “The best minute spent in anti-aging” by The Today Show.

What is it?  The roller has 200 microfine, medical grade acupuncture needles.  IT comes with the Night renewing Serum which contains a blend of peptides and retinol to decrease fine lines and improve overall skin texture.
How does it work?   The first way the roller works is it creates tiny abrasions in skin which trigger your skin to produce collagen.  We all lose this as we age, and collagen helps to increase firmness and lessen lines.   The second way it works is by making the products you use after 500 times more effective.  Bring on the night serum!
How do you use it?  You only need to use for one minute, 3 times pwe week in the evening.  After cleansing and drying your skin,  use the roller, as shown in the VIDEO.  Follow with the night serum, Redefine PM moisturizer, and Redefine eye cream.  Best results are seen when you use your roller in conjunction with the Redefine regimen.

How bad do you want this?  It is so easy!   Mention my blog and all new preferred customers will save 10%!  Email Claire for more details!

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#Letsgetflexyin2015: Week 3

Just finished up week three of the Instagram Challenge I am participating in this month!  Here is a look at the yoga poses that were suggested in  WEEK ONE and WEEK TWO.



Day 15:  Urdhva Dhanurasana or full wheel.  I felt pretty open here to push higher and even extend a leg in the air.  This backbend improves spinal flexibility, while stretching the shoulders and the chest, and strengthening the arms.


Day 16:   Bow Pose, or Dhanurasana, sometimes called Chakrasana.  This pose strengthens the entire body, stretches the anterior spine, and improves posture.  This challenge is so interesting, because it really shows how your body can be so different from day to day.  This is only a day after my full wheel, and I can barely even lift up.  (I am blaming the snow days.  Too much cold and too much children.)


Day 17:  Upward plank, or Purvattanasana is a great counter pose to seated forward fold, or staff pose.  This asana stretches the chest, shoulders and biceps, while strengthening the wrists, arms, glutes and hamstrings.



Day 18:  Scorpion Handstand, or Vrschikasana.  This is an advanced variation of handstand and requires balance, strength, and flexibility.  I feel pretty good about where I am in this pose, and hope to get my feet closer to my head in the future.


Day 19:  Shalabasana or Locust pose.  (cute dog not required to do this one…it just happened!)  This is a mild backbend that prepares the body for deeper backbending postures.


Day 20:  Wide Leg Forward Fold, or Upavistha Konasana.  I  was able to fold deeper than the floor would have been, and the pose felt good enough for jazz hands!  This will stretch the inner thighs, hamstrings and groin, and stimulate the abdominal organs.  Forward bending asanas are known for calming the brain and promoting relaxation.


Day 21:  This was supposed to be Laghuvajrasana.  I could not make that pose happen, so I opted for camel pose.  And a pretty bad one at that.  But this was Saturday night, and we went out for beer and buffalo wings, so this is all I had in me.  🙂

There was certainly a lot of backbending (heart-opening) poses in the challenge this week.  What is your favorite backbend?

2015 Retreats: Time to Book!

I love getting away for a weekend. It recharges your spirit, helps you gain perspective, and can boost your relationship.  (even if the partner doesn’t go!)   Studies have shown that the quick break makes you more productive when you return.  Plus, looking forward to fun things is always really exciting and motivating to me.  My yoga retreat in April completely sold out within a week, so I really wanted to offer multiple mini vacations and have a few options to choose from.

I am really excited to announce FOUR upcoming retreats I am co-hosting.  The women I am working with are phenomenal–  I feel so  blessed to have these opportunities.  These long weekends are going to be amazing, and I think I have something for everyone!


How about a long weekend at the beach?  Kelly Jan (owner of Barre Time) and I have you covered.  We are hosting 3 separate (women-only) weekends this summer at beautiful Surfside beach.  Be ready to enjoy 3 90-minute barre/yoga fusion classes, plus 2 30-minute cardio surge workouts.  The weekend includes 4 days and 3 nights, barre socks, a welcome bag, breakfast and lunch, plus easy access to beach, restaurants, and shopping!  Check in is 4pm on Thursday of each weekend, and  check out is at noon on Sunday.  We want to keep it small, so there are only 6 spots for each weekend.  Sign up today!

Cost:  $475.   (double occupancy)
Register with a friend and it’s only $900. (only $450 each!)
$100 non-refundable deposit required.

July 9-12, 2015-remaining balance due June 15   TWO spots left!

August 13-16, 2015-remaining balance due July 15  TWO spots left!IMG_0252

Kelly and I sat down last week and made plans for the best weekend combing exercise, sun, and fun!  Questions or ready to register?  Email Kelly @





YIN YANG WEEKEND!  Join Ashley Masters and I in Blowing Rock, NC for a weekend of energizing vinyasa, balanced with relaxing deep stretch classes. Includes yoga, 3 vegetarian meals daily, coffee/tea bar, hiking, pottery, kirtan, and mediation.  Treat yourself to discounted spa treatments, and Reiki sessions.  Come unwind for a weekend in the beautiful  NC mountains.  Leave with only your luggage…not your baggage.  We are opening this retreat to 20 17 more lucky guests.  (This retreat is open to women and men…you asked for it, you got it!)   The Blue Heaven Spa is happy to host us for this event.    $100 non-refundable deposit holds your spot.  Remaining balance due September 15, 2015.

October 16-18, 2015
Double Occupancy $500
Single Occupancy $650

Questions or ready to register?
Email me @



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