April Project 12

A new month around here means a new challenge for the family!   I decided to keep it light and do a photo challenge for April.  I love photo challenges, and it has been a year since I did one.  Last year, during Lent, my church hosted an Instagram challenge.  It was so fun to see everyone’s  interpretations of the words given to photograph.

Here is the April Photo Challenge:

april photo challenge


Why do a challenge?

To raise awareness…I realize this is not as earth moving as last summer when we air dried our laundry, or when I only wore 12 items of clothing.  But being aware of our surroundings, and how to photograph dogs who are black and move quickly are super important things to know in life.  Reason number two:  conversation.  This is something my family and I will  talk about.  It is just one more thing to discuss at the dinner table.  Talking with (verses at) my children is so important to me.  I want to know what their favorite accomplishment is, who their best friend is, and tell them why they need to know what “anticipation” means.  They need appreciate how people are unique and that we interpret things different ways. Third reason…It is fun!  It isn’t like doing a photo challenge is on my bucket list, but why not?  #yolo

Want to join in?  Post the photograph above on Instagram and tag me @kacypleasants.  Use the hashtags #aprilproject12 and #itsapleasantlife.  Continue posting the daily pictures, tagging me and adding the hashtags.  I can’t wait to see what your pictures are!

March Project 12- Its a wrap up!

My month of no eating out is almost over.  I have turned down several lunch invitations, a few Starbucks dates, missed my Wednesday night church group and dinners out with friends.  I have said no, even when it has been some of my friends birthdays!  A month is not that long in the grand scheme of things, but it did make me realize how often I eat out.  My husband played along, and he packed his lunch every single day…except when his boss took him out and that one time he “forgot” we were doing a challenge and went to Jimmy Johns.


My friend Amanda and I were going to listen to our friend Dana Childs speak about being a medium.  You can watch a segment of her lecture HERE.  (Side note:  Dana and I are co-hosting a retreat in Spetember that you don’t want to miss.  Details HERE.) Back to dinner…my friend was sweet enough to treat me to sushi and wine before the lecture at Kioshi.  They didn’t have a low carb/cucmber roll, so I ordered this special sashimi plate and it was fantastic.

My mom and I still had our regular Thursday date…she is my mom so she bought my lunch all month.  We ate at the Improper Pig two times this month because it is so good!  It is new and just opened up in Cotswold.  Go get the smoked wings, spicy green beans, and the brisket.  (yes…I ate the food so quickly both times, I couldn’t even get a picture.

Potluck is always fun when you can’t eat out with friends.  I brought champagne and bacon wrapped shrimp to a friends house last weekend.  She is an artist, and we had a painting party at her house.  So much fun!


It was just like one of those places you go and paint and BYOB, but better!  We knew the teacher,  had apps before, and it ended up being cheaper!



Since my family and I  ate in a lot, and it gave me a change to perfect my bacon wrapped meatloaf.  Look at this thing.  I have changed the recipe since I first posted it.  I leave out the almond meal and cheese.  Just egg and meat inside this weaved bacon shell.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  Almost too pretty to eat.  Almost!

All kidding aside…This month’s challenge gave me the chance to celebrate being with people instead of always celebrating or visiting over food.  It’s the people that count…not what or where you are eating.

Stay tuned for my April Project 12….it’s an Instagram Photo Challenge!  It  is going to be loads of fun…follow me and play along!




Pizza Chicken

Okay.  I asked my husband what I should call this new amazing recipe we created.  He liked Pepperoni Breasts, and Cheesey Tits.  I decided on Pizza Chicken since I am slightly more mature (at this moment) than my man.

This stuff is awesome ya’ll.  You need to make it…like yesterday.  It is easy, quick and low carb. 

Here  is what you need:

Chicken breasts, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese.  That is it!


We used the enormous breasts you get at Harris Teeter when they are on sale.  Buy 2 get 3 free.  I always stock up.  And stop thinking about enormous breasts.  Filet these and pound them flat.


You know how my man comes around in the kitchen when I break out the food processor?  Same thing when we pound meat.  He got a mallet out of the garage and used his manly testosterone to pound it thin.  I put on my high school cheerleading outfit, cheered him on and got him a cold beer.   Ya’ll know me better than that.  I actually went and put on my giant bleached stained sweatpants, complained very loudly that he never lets me even cook my own recipes and poured myself a glass of wine.  🙂


Next step is to place pepperoni and mozzarella cheese balls at one end of the chicken.


Roll it up.  (notice… I get to do the “fun” rolling up part.)



Place in a casserole dish and put a few more pepperoni and cheese balls on top. Because more pepperoni and cheese.   Bake at 375 for about 45 minutes.


It comes out looking like a straight up delicious mess.

We all LOVED this recipe!  Let me know if you try it and make any additions or substitutions!  XO

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