April Photo Challenge- Final Week

First things first!  Thank you to the readers who entered the Barre Time giveaway!  Congratulations to Angie, Alex and Heather for winning a free class at Barre Time.  Laura, you won the barre socks!  I will email you details.

Next up–Final post about the Instagram photo challenge I participated in for Project 12.  I know I said it before, but this was a really light hearted project to participate in during a time when I am really busy professionally, and really up and down emotionally.  Thank you to the readers who participated in this with me!  Remember I promised a prize if you participated in the whole thing?  Three of you followed through and finished strong!  Stephanie, Mandy and Ashley, you have a Starbucks gift card coming your way.

Here is a look at WEEK ONE, WEEK TWO, WEEK THREE and WEEK FOUR in case you missed it. IMG_0998 Day 26:  Drink. I love sparkling water…when I saw this flavor I couldn’t wait to try it.  It is amazing! IMG_1045 Day 27:  Sport.  Here are my favorite boys.  My husband plays softball for our church, and he loves it.  He has always been more of a team workout person than doing things on his own. IMG_1052 Day 28:  Gift.  I gave myself the gift of a wrinkle free forehead when I went in to see Mandy at Miramae on Tuesday.   This is my one stop shop to stay forever young.  🙂  Giving yourself a gift is always a good idea.  #treatyoself wreath Day 29:  Favorite Holiday.  Christmas.  I love the lights, the trees, the church services, the music, they way that people are so giving.  The spirit of the whole month is magical…a reminder that Jesus was born to be our rock. IMG_1058 Day 30:  Pillow.  We love some pillows in the house.  My husband and I both sleep with 3 pillows, then we have 4 throw pillows.  (These don’t always make it on the bed when it is made in the morning, but I love how our room looks when I made my bed up)  TEN PILLOWS.  We are over achievers like that.  This old beautiful bed was my Papa’s bed, then my dad’s bed, and now ours.  Family heirlooms are so special…I can’t wait to pass it down to our children.

And that is a wrap!

Stay tuned for my May Project 12 where I am stepping outside of my normal routine and trying 12 new recipes!

Barre/Yoga Fusion

My friend Kelly and I recently reconnected through our love of exercise and empowering women.  We went to high school together, but lost touch after that.  About a year ago,  we realized we were on the same path in many ways, we decided to put our energy together to make an unbeatable force!

Kelly recently graduated from barre teacher training and opened her own studio, Barre Time in Indian Trail.  Her studio is a huge success and there is no secret why.  Kelly is a great teacher.  She pushes you to your edge, motivates, and has fun, all while keeping safety in mind.   I sat down with Kelly to ask her some questions and get you some answers about her business.


Kacy:  What make Barre Time special?: 

Kelly:  Barre Time provides a unique, low impact, total-body workout targeting the arms, thighs, seat and core. Based on the principles of the Lotte Berk Method and Callenetics you get the fat-burning benefits of interval training by isolating the muscles with precise isometric movements followed by orthopedic stretching to sculpt long, lean muscles. Using your own body weight as resistance you will sculpt your body to perfection with this combination of cardio and strength training. Long lean legs, a lifted seat, a tighter core, increased flexibility and strength are just a few of the benefits. Every class integrates hundreds of different variations of exercises that focus on precise movements to provide strength, flexibility and balance.

Kacy:  How to you keep the women going?

Kelly:  I prepare for my classes mentally and physically.  I make sure each class is set to motivating, upbeat music.  I constantly monitor each student to check form and to see who needs a modification. Barre Time is the one class where you’ll hardly move a muscle and you’ll work harder than you ever have!



Kacy:  What made you get into barre?

Kelly:  I took dance from 2 years old into high school and 3 years in competitive dance. I then played volleyball in for 4 years and by the time I was an adult… my knees were shot frown emoticon I needed something that could shaped and tone my body and boot camp style workouts were too hard on my joints. I fell in love with the barre method while at our vacation home in Surfside Beach. After taking for a month my body looked the best it ever has…2 kids later!

I decided to get certified and have been teaching regularly since March of 2014. My studio has grown over the past year at a pace I could not imagine. I went from having 2-3 clients per week to now close to 100. God has richly blessed me and I want to give back to others by helping them be the best versions of themselves.

Kacy:  What sets Barre Time apart from other studios?

Kelly:  My studio is intimate and my class sizes are small. My husband converted the 3rd floor of our home into a studio. The class sizes are limited to 12 students. This ensures plenty of one on one instruction. I also have clients of all ages and fitness levels. I love that each of the movements can be modified to accommodate for those with injuries, pregnancy, and other various conditions. All are welcome and will get a great workout.



Why not combine  barre and yoga and get double the benefits?

Kelly and I are leading a 90 minute BarreYoga Fusion class on Saturday May 23rd 4-5:30.  This class will be a fusion of vinyasa and barre technique. Kelly will start you out with pulses and strengthening exercises, then I will take you down to the mat where we will target connective tissues, such as ligaments, bones and joints, increasing your flexibility and range of motion.

The class is only $25 and is already filling up!  Email Kelly at barretimekj@gmail.com


Already know you love BarreYoga Fusion?  Kelly and I have a few spots left for our summer retreats at Surfside Beach.  At only $475 it is a steal!  The retreat includes 4 days/3 nights lodging, breakfast and lunch, 3-90 minute fusion classes and 2 HIIT sessions on the beach.  Above is  apicture of a few of the ladies from Kelly’s April retreat killing it during their afternoon cardio session.



Kelly has been generous enough to donate 3 free classes, and a pair of barre socks.  That means I can can pick 4 winners!

1.  Leave a comment on this post stating why you should win the free class or socks.
2.  Share this post via Facebook and/or Twitter.
3.  Like ItsAPleasantLife and BarreTime on Facebook.

Contest ends Wednesday April 29th at 11:59pm.  Hurry!  I will announce the winners in Thursday’s blog post.


April Photo Challenge- Week 4

This was a fun week in photographing!  If you missed it, I am doing a photo challenge on Instagram for my April Project 12.  You can still join in for last few days…it really is a lot of fun.  It is super easy!  Just post the assigned picture on Instagram and tag me. (@kacypleasants) Then add the hastags #itsapleasantlife and #aprilproject12.  Did I mention that you could win a gift card for participating?

Recap:  here is a look at Week One, Week Two, and Week Three.



Day 21:  Celebrity Crush.  Wow.  Can I get an amen?  Channing Tatum has been my number one crush since Magic Mike.  He is so unbelievable fine.  I don’t mind gushing about another man like this because my husband does not read my blog.  Plus,  Channing is on my “list”.  Do you and your significant other have a “list”?   As monogamous couples, you  make a list of 5 celebrities that you are allowed to play the piano with at any time if you ever meet them.  No getting mad or jealous or any of that.  You can even write this kind of stuff in your vows.  (Remember that old episode of Friends, and Ross laminated his list?)



Day 22:  Hair.  I love the ease of a braid, that my hair is long enough to braid, and the colors that show through in my braid.


Day 23:  Favorite App.  This was a tough call, but for me texting is a life saver.  Meaning people’s lives are saved because they do not call me.  Stop calling me.  I hate to talk on the phone.  I do not have my ringer on…ever.   I am not going to answer the phone.  But I will text you back in a heartbeat.



Day 24:  Pet(s).  I seriously love this dog more than words.  He is so stinking sweet.  I love to watch him sprint around the backyard chasing squirrels (but not my chickens!) and I love seeing his white belly through the window when I pull up in the driveway.  He loves every member of our family with passion.  My husband has his little routine with Toby.  After dinner when Daniel scoots his chair out, it is Toby’s signal to come over and join us.  Brody reads to Toby every night, and Toby guards Kadyn’s room while she straightens her hair.  He was my furry rock when my dad died. Toby is such a constant in my crazy world and I love him.  Like crazy lady love.


Day 25:  What you love.  I love coffee.  I have tried to give it up in the past  and after 3 seconds I know coffee and I are just meant to be.   I love this mug too.  “Life is Good:  Do you what you like, like what you do.”  I am approaching my 4 year anniversary of teaching yoga.  I not only like what I do…I LOVE it.  I am approaching my 4 year teaching yoga anniversary.   My boss took a pretty big chance on me…May 1st, 4 years ago.  I was teaching kids yoga and working the front desk at Y2 Yoga.   I had not taught a class before, and he trusted me to take the lead and go for it.  (I am forever grateful for that opportunity…thank you Tanner.)  Fast forward,  I am even more passionate about my career,  and enjoy opportunities to learn and get better.  I love how light my heart feels while teaching yoga, and how I feel empowered after.  This is where I am meant to be in my life right now.  Teaching yoga, writing my blog, being a mom and wife.  I love being able to blog and share my story with others.  I love being able to spend a lot of time focusing on my family.  And I love coffee.  🙂








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