April Photo Challenge- Week 1

This has been a fun Project 12… a photo challenge.    Here is a look at week one:


Day 1:  Selfie.   I am not the best at taking selfies…my arms are not long enough.  I need the selfie stick!

IMG_0680Day 2:  Something Pink.  I met a friend at The Improper Pig for lunch and snapped a picture of their bright pink pickled onions.


Day 3:  Handwriting.  My to-do list.  I am still super old school and write a list out almost daily.


Day 4: Black and White.  I met some friends at Basil for dinner and got a picture of their jasmine rice.


Day 5:  Weather.  I walked outside on Easter morning, pointed my phone up and this is what I got.  Beautiful!


Day 6:   Handwriting.  I have no clue why this was assigned for two of the days in the challenge??  A picture of my son’s note to the Easter Bunny…I guess he thought Mommy was going to eat the chocolate chip muffin he set out for him!

I have loved seeing your photographs on Instagram.  It is not too late to join in.




After a few weeks of feeling amazing and life flowing nicely, I have had a hard week in the grief department.  I am assuming it is because of Easter, and I assume holidays are always going to be hard.  I talked it out with my husband and a close friend, and I just need to own my grief.  It has only been 12 weeks, so it is still fresh and raw at certain times.


Thursdays are always a day where I feel a wave of emotion, and I relive parts of that day again every week.  My stepmom must feel the same way because she sent me this picture of the flowers she put on my Dad’s grave this Thursday.


Shopping always helps me feel a little better, so on Saturday, my daughter and I went and picked out some new spring-y placemats and napkins to brighten up our kitchen.  We use cloth napkins at every meal, so many of our linens have seen better days.  We went through all our old placemats and cloth napkins and got rid of the old ones and organized the good ones.  (Organizing always feels good, right?)


I think red wine and red meat are the cure for most things, so Saturday night we went to dinner with 3 other couples.   We went to Amor de Brazil and ate our weight in meat.  The lamb was my favorite, but it was all amazing.  Mostly, it was so nice to laugh, and visit with friends.  IMG_0723

These two cuties had a visit from the Easter Bunny.  My daughter told me this weekend that she doesn’t believe in the Easter Bunny anymore.  She said she knows a rabbit couldn’t possibly hop into a house and leave goodies.  (She is almost 12, so I knew this was coming.)   Luckily, she lives in a household where we talk about Jesus, she sees my husband and in prayer and knows the real meaning of Easter.


We were able to purchase lilies in honor or memory of loved ones at church.  We bought four in memory of my grandparents, Daniel’s grandmother and my dad.  The Easter service at church today was beautiful-especially the music, complete with brass instruments, hand bells, and the choir.

My house is quiet now.  My husband is out doing yard work, my kids are out playing.  I just finished straightening up the house for a family dinner this evening.   Next,  I’m headed to the studio to teach my Sunday afternoon yogis.   Counting my blessings.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. — John 3:16


Beach Yoga Girl workshop

Last weekend, I attended Kerri Verna’s weekend workshop at BeYoga.  As soon as she posted on Instagram that she was coming to Charlotte, I immediately bought my tickets!  She has almost 800K followers, so I was scared they would sell out.  (and they did.)


Here is my friend Naomi and I before Saturday’s workshop–which was a 2 hour workshop on handstands.  Kerri was so cool, and down to earth and made the workshop fly by.  She has been teaching yoga for 12 years, and has 5 other fitness certifications.  She has trained with the best, and knows her stuff.  The information was a lot, so I am still processing it all.  But, I have put it to good use this week during my yoga practice and also helped coach my students.  Tip one:  Stop arching your back (“banana back”).  You actually have to keep your tail bone tucked under slightly.  I see this in a lot of my yoga  students, and it is a bad habit to break.  Especially for former gymnasts/cheerleaders.


Another pretty amazing yogi I follow on Instagram was there too…Megan Lawing (@northcarolina_yogagirl)  I felt a little star struck being in between these two ladies.


Here we all are–looking happy but exhausted from 2 full hours of handstand and handstand prep.


Sunday’s workshop was Core Work and Inversions.  I love inversions and really want to learn all I can about how to get into them, cues to give, and the anatomy behind it all.  I teach an Inversion workshop in town (next one in May!), and lead one on my yoga retreats I co-host.  I am always looking for ways to help my students (and myself!) really get it.  We all learn differently, so sometimes just the way a cue is spoken can help.  Sunday’s workshop was filled with headstands, forearm balances, titibasana, and more handstands.   My friend Alison and I had  sore shoulders from all that arm balancing work.  Tip two:  use the heels of your hands and the finger tips as your “breaks” when balancing.

Workshops are a great place to ask questions, learn by doing, and to study with a new (and in this case, expert, teacher.  You get to really focus on what you may skim over in a regular yoga class.  It is also a great place to meet new friends in the yoga community.  I am in this for the long haul, so I want to learn as much as possible so I can be the best student and best teacher I can be.  Yes, workshops can be pricey, but think about it as an investment in yourself!  Tip Three:  sign up for a workshop!

PS- Kerri is coming back to Charlotte in July…workshop at Y2 Yoga!



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