Wrapping up July Project 12


I know…I am posting this a little early, but I have a ton to share with you in the next couple days.  August Project 12, where we are doing things that make us feel ALIVE, in mind/body/spirit, a recap of my Tennessee trip, and some recipes using Coleman’s Mustard.  (I am actually going to do a little TV segment on that!)

July Project 12  was pretty awsome and I think it deserved a post by itself!   This month I kept a gratitude journal, and I am HIGHLY recommending it.  Keeping a journal, taking the time to actually write things down, or maybe the entire experience of gratitude—is really about forcing ourselves to pay attention to the good things in life we otherwise take for granted.

Day one was pretty awesome…Don’t be fooled.  My daughter helped me compile a list of items that made an appearance that seemed pretty silly.  (But I am still grateful for these!)
1. gel pens
2. sushi
3. flip flops
4. fuzzy socks
5. tampons
6. Carrots- see picture below.  I forgot a fork at the pool…I made chopsticks out of carrots.  So, yes!  I was grateful for carrots that day!



When is the last time you sat down and really took stock of the good things in life? It’s hard to keep a positive outlook, especially when it seems like something worse has happened every time you turn on the news. When each day seems to bring another tragedy, how can you keep smiling and moving forward?  The answer is :  YOU JUST DO.  🙂

If you take just five to ten minutes per day reflecting on what’s beautiful in life and writing it down, you’ll find the benefits reach far into other areas of your life.

Keep a gratitude journal makes you happier.

Recognizing the things in life you are thankful for, whether they are of the physical variety… like my cup of coffee, or the sensual variety (having the job of your dreams!), will make you more conscious of the parts of life that make you smile.

A gratitude journal can make you healthier.

Tons of studies have been performed that show keeping a gratitude journal can actually increase your physical health.  This is most likely due to the stress reducing benefits; when you’re happier, you don’t worry as much over minor issues. Just imagine what you could do if you slept better at night and had more energy?

People are drawn to you.

Who do you prefer to spend time around: someone who is depressed, or someone who is full of life and energy? DUH.   Keeping a gratitude journal will increase your own self confidence and sense of worth, which will  attract people around you. When you’re grateful, you’re more social and appreciative of your friends and family.

A gratitude journal teaches self discipline.

One of the biggest struggles writers (like me!) deal with is the ability to sit down and put pen to paper, even when they don’t feel like it. This was huge for me.  Starting off slow makes it easier. A gratitude journal can have a double-whammy effect in this case, teaching you to be thankful for what you have while also making you learn to discipline yourself to do a task for a few minutes at a time. It’s a great way to learn self control for any aspect of your life.  Yes.  I am 37 with a lack of self-control.

Gratitude makes you feel good.

The feeling of happy contentment is something most people only feel on certain occasions, but gratitude can change that. With gratitude, you can feel happy and content all the time. One of the world’s leading researchers on gratitude’s effects, Dr. Robert Emmons, believes that gratitude is simply happiness you recognize at a later date.

Give this a try for a week, two, or even a whole month and let me know how you feel.  Keep it simple…what are you thankful for?



Energy Healing

I am really excited to rent an office for  the month of August with my best friend and fellow energy worker, Amanda.  We plan on booking clients for Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing.   When I tell people (that have never done it) what I am doing, they are usually really surprised.  I get it.   I was a big skeptic to all this a few years ago as well.  In fact, I went to my first session with the intent to blog about it all being complete BS.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that this was the real deal, and I began to feel amazing…centered, balanced, and level.   I became a believer and decided to learn as much as possible and get certified.  I received my level one training in March, and my level two training in May.  Next up?  Master Level.  That is on my #37in37 list!

I get questions all the time about energy, energy work, and the benefits.  Here is the long and short of it.   (some information borrowed from True Shining Self)


What is energy?   EVERYTHING.  Energy is light, heat, sound, mass, moving objects, gravity, fuel, chemicals and electricity.  Energy is everywhere, and the most basic building block of life.  It flows through everything and creates everything.  Every cell in the body stores and emits electricity. Every breath we take, every muscle we move and every bite of food we digest involves electrical activity. Our memories, feelings, emotions and thoughts are also patterns of tiny electrical impulses.  Our body has electromagnetic energies. The body’s energy systems (meridians, chakras, aura) all put out energy.

  • Meridians – the body’s energy pathways
  • Chakras – the body’s energy centers
  • Aura – the body’s energy atmosphere


What is energetic healing?

Energetic Healing is a branch of complementary and alternative medicine. It’s an umbrella term used for any therapy that works with the energy circuits in our physical or subtle bodies to regain balance and help our body heal.

Basically,  when we are healthy we are “at ease”.  Disease (dis – ease) is the result of the body and its energy systems being out of balance. The body knows how to heal itself and with energetic healing we can work with the body’s energy into healing itself.  FOR REAL!


What are the benefits of Energetic Healing?

  1. Energetic healing helps the healing process by clearing blocks in energy fields.  For example, each of these four things can be stored in our energy field and energy healing works to clear these: trauma, stress, false beliefs, physical distress.
  2. Energetic healing can also help identify issues before they manifest as disease in the body. It brings to our awareness the areas we need to work through and heal in order to bring balance in our lives and maintain health and vitality.
  3. Energy healing  repairs and rebalances our energy so that the body functions at its best. Our energies are a very delicate balance and we become sick or perhaps don’t feel 100% when our energy flows are disturbed or blocked. Energy imbalances can result from both internal and external factors:
  • Internal: trauma, phobias, anxiety, stress, childhood programming, limiting beliefs, neurological/biochemical/structural imbalances, fears, nutrition, exercise, posture, remaining in situations that are not fulfilling or in harmony with our needs.
  • External: Environmental stresses, toxins, geopathic phenomena, astrological phenomena


Personally, energy work is an extremely important part of my life now.  Physically, it helps with my UC symptoms, and I get relief with my low back issues.  Mentally, it helps to sort through the clutter in my monkey mind, so I can be as productive as possible, and meet my professional goals.  Emotionally, it has helped me deal with the grief in losing my dad in January, and helped me with communicating what I need in my relationships.

My friend Amanda attributes her energy work to helping her work though and change behavioral and emotional patterns, grief after losing her husband, lose weight, and change the self talk from criticism to love and acceptance.  The biggest part for her is that its helped her to shed the layers and reconnect with her truest self.

My teacher and mentor,  Jonathan says the biggest benefits from energy work are stress relief and disease prevention.

My healer, Dana says the biggest benefit from energy work is recognizing where current coping mechanisms, patterns, and beliefs aren’t serving you.  Receiving energy can  help you to embrace self-empowerment enough to shift that old behavior, and move into the life you have dreamed of.  She has had clients feel lighter, better, grow more harmonious in their relationships, and have chronic pain dissipate.  Others have recognized a solution to a problem, that prior to energy treatment, they were unable to solve.

I tell clients all the time that the worse thing that is going to happen is that you don’t feel amazing for as long as you want to.  Everyone is different.  For me, I need a session every 3-4 months.  I start to feel heavy, clouded, and unfocused.  Some people need a monthly session, others are good with once a year.

What happens in a session with me?  First, we sit and talk for a bit.  I suggest you bring a list of questions or issues that you want help with.  After we chat, I get you on the table and “rake” your aura, seal up any holes, balance your chakras, clear your meridians, and fill you up with healing loving light.

We are running a special for the month, so take advantage and book a session today!

1 session:  $100
3 sessions:  $250
5 sessions: $375


DIY Key Jar

If your family dinners are not exciting,  or you never have anything to talk about,  I suggest you make this jar!  We got the idea from Momastery Blog.


What you will need:

-Paint & Paintbrushes

-Mason Jars

-Printed Sheets:  we used THESE (or you can create your own!)



Step 1: Print out key jar sheets HERE, or write your own.  Cut into strips.


Step 2: Paint your jar(s. ) I used this mint green, which was light,  so I needed 2 coats. Painting can get messy so I suggest using a magazine or newspaper underneath your work space!


After your jar dries you can then paint a saying on your jar. I wrote “The Key Jar” but you could write “The Family Jar” or “The Talking Jar”. When your jar is completely dry then you can fold you papers up and put them in the jar. Make sure you put the jar somewhere where you can remember! We are heading up for Tennessee soon so we are going to pack it for the car but you can put yours on your kitchen table or in a room where your family gathers!

Happy Talking! 🙂



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