Organized In October: Part 2

This month I have been using Marie Kondo’s method to bring magic into my life by tidying up and decluttering.  I have to admit that it is pretty magical.  I wish I could just hurry up and finish, but working is getting in the way of my magical tidying. That being said, I am going to continue this through November.  I desperately want to get things in order because the little bit I have done is great!

I started with clothes, and then I cheated and did a little Tupperware tidying as well.

Kondo suggests in her book not to mess with other people’s stuff.  I have been messing with other people’s stuff for years.  I have thrown out my hubby’s old tshirts, and gone in my kids rooms and filled up trash bags.  She says the magical energy will catch on, and to not do that.  I decided to trust the process, although extremely doubtful.

It catches on ya’ll.

After school the other day my son ask me if I would help him get rid of some stuff.  he wanted to feel like me.  We filled up 2 bags…one trash, and one to donate!


I came home from teaching yoga and my husband and my daughter purged their clothes.  I swear, I didn’t ask them, tell them, or bribe them.  They just did it!  They even folded their shirts using the Kondo method.


Next up, books!  I had each child look through their books and pick 25 to donate.  One picked to donate their school, the other the library.  This was hard for me.  I could only pick 7 books to donate.  They all bring me joy!  I’ll try again in a few weeks.


I cheated again and did a room.  This little office was so filled with junk I couldn’t get any work done.  When I left for my yoga retreat, I hinted that I would love to have some stuff gone.  When I got home, I was thrilled to see my husband listened to the hint!  He took out a broken bookshelf, a TV, an extra desk, and a huge hutch that went on top of this desk.  (This room is tiny.  I have no idea how all that fit in this room)  I locked myself in this room and went through books, files, papers, and make it a productive space.


This is my favorite part of my new office.  My assistant Toby likes to nap in here while I work.  <3

Have a great weekend!  xo

Weekend Recap

Fall is definitely in the air.  The mornings are crisp, and I love the trees turning beautiful colors.  Fall means busy season around here as well.  Weekends are always crazy around here…and I love it all!

Friday,  the kids didn’t have school, so I moved my private clients around to earlier in the week so I could spend the day with them.  My daughter led me through her conference at school.  Kadyn was so confident, mindful, and organized.  I bragged on her all morning, then I dropped her off to babysit and switched kids.


Brody and I went Halloween costume shopping, fall candle shopping, out to lunch, and to the nail salon.  He loves getting pedicures when I do.  He exclaims how his feet feel brand new, and loves the massage chairs.

I am following the trend for the fall/winter months…ombre nails.  Light fingers, and darker toes…but in the same color family.  I love these  gray tones, and looking forward to other ombre duos:  the browns, purples, blues, and green tones!

My husband and I were able to sneak away for a yoga and dinner date Friday evening.  We took an amazing class, then went and ate a healthy Mexican meal!  Yes, Mexican can be healthy.  We skipped the chips, and ordered the fajitas…steak, mushrooms, onions, peppers, broccoli, and squash.  Who needs a tortilla?  I saved those carbs for a glass of wine instead!


Saturday morning, my boys left for a camping trip filled with fishing, archery, BMX racing, and campfires.   When I see these pictures, it reminds me that my kids are growing up so fast.  They are at the most perfect ages and I am enjoying every minute.

After teaching my Saturday morning yoga classes, we were off to the soccer field for my daughter to play a double header.


They won BOTH games!  I love watching Kadyn play.  She is so strong, assured, and FAST.  I know she is fast, because we had a race and she beat me.  Twice.  Of course, I used a few excuses of why she beat me, but the truth is I tried my best, and she won.


I was thrilled to make a pit stop to hang out with some of my Plexus team members.  My upline leader was in town from Wilmington, so we gathered for a  motivational session!  It was so awesome to see everyone and meet new friends as well.


I skipped dinner with my Plexus ladies for this!  My daughter had a friend over and I promised them sushi.  They sat at their own table and acted like they were tough stuff, while I ate off this giant boat with 2 of my friends.  New Zealand café is a little hidden gem and it is fabulous!

Sunday was an amazing church service, more yoga teaching, and a long walk with my hubby to catch up on our time apart.

We have been on our Plexus regimen for 10 weeks now and we feel fantastic.  Sunday was our measurement day and it was a good one!   He has lost 17 pounds and 7 inches, and I am down 14 pounds and 6.5 inches.

IMG_1101 IMG_1100

Week1/Week3/Week6/Week 10.

What these pictures don’t show is our high energy level, our improved moods, our amazing sleep, less cravings, and you don’t even want to know how awesome our poops are…I am seriously considering calling Dr. Oz.  The best news is… I am completely off of my UC meds.  No more prescriptions!  Plexus has helped me on this journey to weight loss, wellness, and wealth.

My hubby and I are starting a group for couples who would like to join us in this health journey.  Would you and your spouse be interested in more energy? Better digestion?  Less headaches?  Weight Loss?

Message me!  Don’t wait until Jan 1st…let’s get through the big holidays gaining health and wellness-not weight!





#37in37: Update 3

I wanted to update you on my 37in37 list.  This has been a fun and challenging way to celebrate growing a year older!  People ask me all the time…why?  My answer… why not?  Why not challenge yourself?  Why not do things that are scary and hard?  Why not do things you always wanted to do, or things you thought you couldn’t do?

Check out UPDATE ONE and UPDATE TWO if you happened to miss it.

Here is the latest and greatest…


#21:  Go Skydiving.  This was a big one on my list to check off.  You can read more about my experience HERE and check out my VIDEO.


#35:  Get Acupuncture…this was a special treat for me.  I loved it so much, I ended up getting 2 sessions!  Check out more information about my experience  with this ancient treatment.


#10:  Go to Tiger World.  This was a crazy fun afternoon for my family and I.  Check out what happened HERE.


#7:  Lead a book/bible study with my women’s circle at church.  Of course I had to choose my ultimate woman crush Jen Hatmaker’s newest book For The Love. This is out of my comfort zone…I don’t know the bible back and forth.  I have to look up every single thing and read it.  And then re-read it.  And then ask someone to help me understand.  The hard work is worth it… I love and respect these women so much.


I wish I could say this 1,000 piece puzzle was finished, not quite.  We have the outline though, so it is coming along.  (I made a rule that it had to be finished by Thanksgiving…or no one will be able to eat at the table!)

Stay tuned for upcoming list checks!  I am hoping to climb Grandfather mountain, go to a shooting range, smoke a hookah, serve in a soup kitchen, and finally complete this 1,000 piece puzzle.

The week is halfway over…what could you do that you don’t think you can do?  What can you do that is fun, challenging, or out of your comfort zone?  Pick one thing and GO DO IT!  xo

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