Yin Yang Yoga Retreat

Last month I hosted my 3rd yoga retreat at The Art of Living Center in Blowing Rock, NC.

I love going back to the same place…the staff is so accommodating and friendly.  They know what we need, and they provide it!


I was a little surprised to see this sign with my name on it!  Whoop!  Big time, right?  Hardly, but it was still pretty cool.  It is just one of the steps the staff took to make us feel welcome and right at home!


The grounds at the center are absolutely beautiful.  I love the little buildings where we practice yoga, the labyrinth, the sculptures, and the landscaping.


The rooms have breathtaking views.  We were lucky to go right in the middle of October when the leaves are starting to change.  How pretty is that little red tree outside my window?

Here is a little recap of the Yin Yang weekend:

Most of the women arrived around 3pm.  Everyone unpacked, walked/ooked around and got acquainted.  Around 5pm, we headed to for our 1st evening yoga practice.  I taught the first 45 minutes warming up and building heat with a vinyasa sequence.  My partner and co-host, Ashley took over and lead the participants through a deep stretch sequence.  After practice, we walked over to the on-site dining hall and had a delicious vegetarian meal.


After dinner, we all put on pjs, and headed upstairs to enjoy wine, dessert, and getting to know you questions.  I forced gently nudged everyone to go around and tell what they liked about themselves…physical and non-physical.  We talked about our families, why we came, and our favorite/least favorite yoga poses.  Love girl talk…especially with wine and chocolate!


Saturday morning was free time to eat breakfast, go hiking, or just sleep in.  I led the ladies through a light warm up, then we worked on back bending and arm balances!  Another yummy lunch after a powerful workout.

Saturday afternoon was more free time…most women had a spa appointment, or just wanted to relax in their rooms talking or reading.


Ashely led us through a long LSD (long, slow, deep) which felt so good after those inversions!


After class, we got a little fancy and headed to Boone for dinner out!


Sunday morning…another yang/yin class, then breakfast and a crazy photo opp shoot on the balcony.

This was such a great group of women to share energy and spend a weekend with.  I am forever grateful to do what I love!

If you are interested in a spring retreat, I am booking NOW!

The spring retreat will be at The Art of Living Retreat Center, and we will stay at The Blue Heaven Spa and Resort.  Amenities include lodging, coffee/tea bar, steam room, sauna, fitness room, yoga, kirtan, mediation, hiking, and a discount on spa treatments.   All meals are included! (with the exception of dinner out on Saturday night)

Previous retreat participants get 10% off pricing!

Grab a friend and book today!

April 15-17, 2016
Single Occupancy:  $675
Double Occupancy: $525
$100 non-refundable deposit due ASAP

Did I mention that Blake Thews was going to be joining me in April again? She will do a presentation on Friday night and you can also book a session with her to get a natal chart reading!


What do you eat?

Since my husband and I have been on our Plexus regimen and dropping weight, I have so many people ask me what I eat.  Or actually, they ask what I am not allowed to eat.  I am “allowed” to eat whatever I want.  That is the beautiful thing about Plexus!  I eat real food.  Plexus is not a meal replacement!

Plexus is a wellness company…not a weight loss company.  I have several clients who have needed to gain weight go on a specific Plexus regimen and gain weight.  I have others who have stayed exactly where they should be!  For me and my hubby we were both advised to drop a little weight by the professionals, and we are!

Here is a look at last Tuesday:


I woke up early to go to Carolina Sweat for a 6:15am boot camp class.  Before heading there, I drank my Plexus Slim and took 2 Accelerator Plus pills.  When I came home, sweaty and starving, I made bulletproof coffee with a tablespoon each of Kerrygold butter and coconut oil.  I added a scoop of vanilla protein powder and mixed it up!


Around 8am, I got the kids off to school, and got ready to teach my first yoga class of the day.  I took 2 BioCleansepills, chugged some water and headed out.


Home from teaching yoga around 11am.  I scrambled two  eggs, and sliced  1/2 avocado.  I did some laundry, straightened up, and did some dinner prep before headed out to teach my 2nd yoga class of the day.   More water and 2 more BioCleanse pills.


You probably remember my love/hate relationship with Power Crunch bars.  I am finally in a place where I can have them in the house and eat only one.   I ate this around 3pm on my way to pick up my daughter from school.

My family all makes it home a little before 5 and we either walk or ride bikes together.  We usually end up exercising for about 30-45 minutes.   (This is why I dinner prep during the day!)


Around 6p we sat down to dinner.  This is 1/4 of a spaghetti squash with lean ground beef and sauce.  I ate all of it, and nibbled on a few carrots.

I reserve my evenings to spend with my family.  I rarely teach classes or take clients at night to protect that time together.  This evening though, I did have an energy session booked with a client at 7:30, so I headed out after dinner.


Depending on my day, what I eat, how much I worked out, I sometimes have this snack.  Today was one of those days.  I exercised twice, and taught 2 hot yoga classes.  Also, for some reason, I am starving after energy work!


Before bed, I take a plant based omega supplement, a probiotic (that includes an anti-fungal!) and a multivitamin with aloe.

Have a happy week, and I will check in with you soon! xo


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