Body Composition Analysis: Part Two

Happy Thursday!

Just wanted to give you an update on that whole- not getting on the scale and using the body composition analysis machine- is going.


Really good.  It is going really good.  I kinda want one of these machines at home, but then it would defeat the purpose.

You can read about my first post by clicking HERE.

I worked out and ate pretty clean for a month and these were my results…

I gained 3 pounds.  My BMI went up a millimeter. Normally, this would have me super discouraged, and frustrated because I have been killing it during my workouts.  I love cardio day and heavy weight day.  I get up at 5am to make sure I get al 5 days in during the week.  My husband is like:  “Who are you?”

Scales suck because you can be up or down depending on water, salt intake, hormones, and even the weather.  Yes, when it is overcast, your body absorbs the water and it shows on the scale.


Here’s what I gained …water and lean muscle mass.  My muscle mass actually increased by over 4 pounds.  Even though I didn’t even gain that much weight.   (I’m still not quite sure how all that works…) But I do know that muscle takes up less space and burns calories just by hanging out watching Teen Mom OG.

I also gained a little wisdom and a whole bunch of stamina and strength.   My heart literally sings daily because it gets to thump so hard in the morning.  What an amazing feeling.

Oh, and I won.  I won a contest through Carolina Sweat for gaining the most muscle mass.  I got some cool prizes and bragging rights.

I went from 25.7%  body fat to 24.3% body fat.  In a month!   How did I do this?  Plexus, eating clean, water, and working out for 45 minutes,  5 days a week.  Yes, I ate some carbs.  Yes, I drank some wine.  It is all doable.  And a whole percent is a lot people.

I am totally sold on this.  I feel liberated to not get on the scale…although I do cheat sometimes.  Last week, my scale batteries went dead.  I have not replaced them.  I am doing this full force and would love you to join me.  No scales in March?  You don’t have to drive down to the Nutrishop, but holding yourself accountable is important.   You could measure today and then again on April 1st.  Or try on a pair of tight jeans today, then try them on again April 1st.

My goal is still to get to 23% body fat by April first, so I am going to continue to do my 45 minute Carolina sweat 5 days a week, eat clean, drink water, take my plexus, and get 7 plus hours of sleep.   I do not want to lose my curves, and my hubby doesn’t want me to either.  I just want to be happy, healthy, and not obsessive.



These are some vintage lulu pants that I used to wear on my “skinny” days.   Meaning,  if the scale said a certain number.  OMG.  That is so ridiculous, I feel embarrassed even typing it.

Stay tuned for a post next week…what I feed my face lately!  🙂

Baked Italian Spaghetti Squash Boats

Last winter, I was really into making zucchini boats.  I made them with a Mexican flair, and Italian flair, and even stuffed them with pimento cheese.

This is the winter for spaghetti squash boats!  I can’t wait to play around with some new recipes.



  •  spaghetti squash
  • 1 pound ground chicken breast
  • can of marinara sauce
  • shredded mozzerella


Step One:  Bake squash.  I poke a few holes in mine and bake them whole for about an hour at 400 degrees.

Step Two:  Brown chicken breast, and add sauce.


Step Three:  Cut the squash in half, and start to “shred” it…but leave it in the boat!


Step Four:  Add the sauce to the boats, mixing it around so it gets into the bottom.  (go ahead and pour a glass of wine!)


Step Five:  Sprinkle cheese on top, and add a pinch of Italian seasoning on top.


Step Six:  Bake around 15 minutes, or until cheese is melted.   (I like my cheese really toasty, so I broiled mine for 5 minutes at the end.)


Step Seven:  Devour!


Have a great weekend!  I hope I see you in class this week yogis! xo

Baby Foot

I have a new beauty junkie product for you guys!  It is called Baby Foot, and it is affordable and crazy awesome.

I found out about Baby Foot through my friend and fellow yogi,  Charlene Poole, of The Porch Swing Spa.  A little background on my friend…Charlene has been a practicing licensed and certified electrologist since 1986. She has practiced in Charlotte since 1994. Charlene provides clients with permanent hair removal for smooth, beautiful skin in a relaxed atmosphere in her beautiful office with a view. She uses state-of-the-art computerized equipment and practices up-to-date sterilization procedures; only disposable probes are used. She offers both thermolysis and blend electrolysis. Charlene is also happy to serve the transgender community.


The skin on your feet is thicker than any other place on your body.  Normally, new skin cells are produced immediately, pushing the old cells up to the surface.  This usually takes 28 days…but our feet are under pressure, so the skin can’t complete it’s turnover process.  Which makes our feet dry, cracked, hard and rough.


Charlene told me all about Baby Foot, and I saw her feet during treatment…They were peeling like crazy.  I was like:  GIMME SOME.


Charlene was kind enough to share this photo.  I know….it is totally awesome and totally gross all at once.


My before pic:  I take pretty good care of my feet ya’ll.  As much as I abuse them, I get pedicures monthly, and lotion these puppies up often.   But pedicures can’t remove all the layers of dead skin.  Also, the friction caused by scraping the dead skin creates a vicious spiral of accumulating more dead skin cells.


This is the worst picture of my feet I could find.  I thought…this stuff won’t work.  My feet are already pretty soft with just these few exceptions.


Here’s what you do:  Put your feet in these little booties and chill for an hour.  (I watched Teen Mom OG.)  Then wash your feet.

The process takes some time…On the second day, I thought I must be like Princess and the Pea or something, because I had no peeling.  It takes 5-7 days after the initial application!


Then it started.  Basically it was like Christmas morning for me over the next couple weeks.  And now, I cannot believe how soft my feet are!

Stop in and see Charlene at The Porch Swing Spa and get this product.  It is only $25 and worth every penny!




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