Dinner for Twelve


I am so excited to start a new blog series…#dinnerfortwelve.

It is pretty simple…Go to a restaurant once a month and post a blog about my experience.  I asked for suggestions on Facebook and got a great response…publicly and privately.

This may need to be a 5 year project!   I narrowed it down to these for now, and plan to keep doing this every year.  Some of these dinners will be with just my husband, with girlfriends, or double/triple dates!  I want to go in to each establishment and order an app, two entrees and a dessert. The chef will pick the best of each, and I’ll take pictures and write a review!


April:  The Cellar at Duckworth’s

May: The McNitch House

June:  Corkbuzz

July: Kindred

August: Passion 8

September: Heirloom

October: Beef and Bottle

November: George’s Brasseire

December: The Palm

January: Barrington’s 

February: Kid Cashew

March: Soul Gastrolounge




Fur Foster Parents

One of my 37in37 list items was to become a fur foster family.  Well, we did it!  We  are fostering Kasey and Jimmie (part of the NASCAR litter!) through Ruff Life Rescue.  


These are two adorable pups are 10- 12 week old lab/Australian shepherd mix pups.


Ruff Life Animal Rescue was founded in October of 2012, as a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the unnecessary killing of adoptable dogs of the Carolinas.  We are strictly a foster based rescue, with hopes of opening up a no-kill shelter, complete with training, grooming and boarding facilities.  As of November, 7, 2012, Ruff Life Animal Rescue is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 non-profit rescue organization.


This is Kasey.  (They were already named, and they ask that you don’t rename them…we spent the night before at dinner arguing gently discussing  names for no reason!)

This is Jimmie.  Look at him looking at me!!!???


They love being outside and playing with balls and tug-of-war ropes.  Kasey and Jimmie are both crate trained, and sleep through the night.  We have pretty much potty trained them already too.


Toby is used to story time, and now these pups love it too!

IMG_1865Two tired puppies…with dirty noses.  They had a little digging contest outside.


They have completely taken over Toby’s bed…and our hearts.

Interested in adopting?  

Click HERE for information!

Or come see us!
Saturday, March 26th – 11-2pm
​Pet Supplies Plus
7601 Pineville-Matthews Rd
Charlotte, NC 28226

Interesting in fostering?

Click HERE for information!


Dairy Free Update!

Still doing this whole dairy free deal.  And I know I said I feel great in the last blog, and I do feel great.  But, I always feel pretty great.  My set point is happy.  I already eat fairly healthy, so this hasn’t been the huge change I was hoping for.  In fact, the past week I have felt more bloated.  I thought going dairy free was supposed to help that?

Needless to say, here’s what has been going on…


My afternoons have been this little frosty type creation.  Protein powder, almond milk and ice. Throw it in the nutribullet… Delish!  And I had to show off my French manicure.


This is the protein powder I finally found…and it is awesome!  It is dairy free, and the protein is beef peptides.  I promise it is good…and doesn’t have soy, or tons of sugar/carbs.


My breakfast looks a lot like this everyday…two eggs in ghee, and coffee with coconut creamer.


Shrimp was on sale at HT, so we wrapped it in bacon…one of my favorites!  (click here for recipe!)


Salmon with lemon and dill.  I usually make this yummy sauce with greek yogurt, but skipped it and it was still tasty.

I’m still undecided if I’ll stick with the dairy free another month…I miss cheese.  It would be different if I was seeing drastic changes, but I am not.  We shall see!

Have a great week! Check out my teaching schedule, with an update on my summer retreats.

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