30 Day Ab Challenge


When I stumbled upon this 30 day ab challenge on Facebook, and I knew I had to do it!  I loved the last social media challenge I did.  It kept me so motivated and accountable!

We are list makers in this house.  And by we, I mean me.  I like to write out calendars, events, to-do lists, grocery lists, bucket lists, even 100 things to do in the summer lists!


Here is how this challenge works…everyday you do the assigned ab challenge.  That’s it.  I will post the daily challenge on Instagram, so if you lose your pic, or didn’t make a calendar like we I did, no biggie.  If you want, post a picture of yourself doing the challenge on Instagram.  Tag me @kacypleasants with #30dayabchallenge and #itsapleasantlife.


I even made a little spot at the bottom for my husband and I to record our waist measurements!  Just for fun and to spark up the competition.  The last time we did a competition together, we were trying to lose 15 pounds.  I lost 4 and he lost 40.  Argggg.


We couldn’t find a cloth measuring tape.  So we wrapped my headphones around our bellies, and wrote it on the Dick’s mailer.  We fancy.  Don’t cheat here guys.  Wrap it around where your belly button is.  (my “high up” waist is much smaller.  It doesn’t count for this.)  Don’t suck in, and don’t wrap the headphones/measuring tape super tight.  Here is an article on how to do it right.  Mine was 34 and 1/4 and my hub’s was 41.  Yikes.  The risk of heart disease and diabetes is increased when your waist circumference is more than 35 inches for females and more than 40 for men.  We are both toeing the line!

Good thing we are about to plank, leg raise, sit up and crunch those inches away!

Don’t know what these moves mean?  Check out my YOUTUBE VIDEOS!  I break down these 4 abdominal exercises in 15 seconds or less!

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6 thoughts on “30 Day Ab Challenge”

    1. Staci! Yay! I told my yogis yesterday that if they do the challenge they can skip abs in my class! 🙂

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