37 in 37


Am I seriously 37 years old?

Yep.  Last week I  turned 37.  In that post, I told you I decided to make a bucket list of sorts, and plan on checking off 37 items in this year of being 37.

Here is the list:

  1. Ride the Fury at Carowinds
  2. Drink a cocktail at Cocktail Cove in Lake Norman
  3. Watch the Sex in The City movie
  4. Become an ordained minister
    soup kitchen
  5. Serve in a soup kitchen
  6. Get fitted for a bra
  7. Lead a book series for my women’s circle at church
  8. Walk in the Crohn’s and Colitis walk Tunnel to Towers Climb
  9. Do a flip on a trampoline
  10. Go to Tiger World
  11. Get 1,000+ likes on my Facebook page
  12. Hike up Grandfather Mountain
  13. Milk a cow
  14. Smoke a Hookah Go on a pedal tour
  15. Ride in a hot air balloon
  16. Practice yoga wearing only a sports bra
  17. Get a feather tattoo
  18. Pick berries
  19. Go to a shooting range
  20. Ride a city bus
  21. Go sky diving
  22. Start the paperwork to be a foster family
  23. Go to a vineyard
  24. Let the waiter pick my meal
  25. Build something
  26. Go to a concert with my husband
  27. Read May Cause Miracles and do the 40 day work
  28. Mystery Dinner Theater
  29. Sing Karaoke
  30. Become a master level intuitive energy healer
  31. Climb Jockey’s Ridge
  32. Make an origami animal
  33. Plan a progressive dinner
  34. Hold a handstand for at least 10 seconds
  35. Get acupuncture
  36. Buy a business
  37. Complete 1,000 piece puzzle

Do any of these sound like fun to you!?  Let me know and we can do one of these adventures together!  XO


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10 thoughts on “37 in 37”

  1. Awesome list! If you are open to recommendations….Peaches at Nordstrom South Park’s lingerie department will change your life. She is the boob whisperer.

    For acupuncture- Jane Pearce at Ascending Phoenix is amazing! Been seeing her for 11 years- she’s in the office building that shares a parking lot with Tyber Creek.

    Good luck- sounds like it will be an exciting year for you!

  2. I have a place at grandfather. You are welcome to stay with me and I would love to hike it with you. You could probably milk a cow, get a tattoo,and smoke a hooka while you are there ❤️

    1. Really Christy? That would be amazing! You probably know all the trails and can be my guide!! Thank you so much. XO

    1. Okay! Road trip with the kiddos this summer! Can you give me Yi-Jun Lin’s contact information??

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