37in37- Update 1

I turned 37 years young in May, and decided to make a list of things to do to make this year memorable.  When you write something down, and let people know…there is a lot more accountability involved.  Check out my full list HERE.
Here is a look at  few things I am able to check off my list:


#2:  Drink a Cocktail in cocktail Cove.  My friend Heather lives on Lake Norman, so she took me out on her boat, cocktail in hand!


#24:  Let the waitress pick my meal.  I met my friend Amanda at Café Monte, one of our favorite meet ups.  I usually get steak and eggs…so yummy there.  I told the waitress just to bring me whatever she thinks is best.  I told her I don’t like beets or mushrooms very much, and that is all she had to go on.  She brought me shrimp and artichoke crepes with spinach and lemon bechemal.  It was amazing!!!


#29:  Sing Karaoke.  My friend Kelly and I hosted a Barre/Yoga Fusion retreat in June, and there is a karaoke place within walking distance.  There is a video of me singing Def Leopard’s Pour Some Sugar on Me that could possibly be worth a lot of money one day.


#31:  Climb Jockey’s Ridge.  We visit the Outer Banks every summer, and my kids have never climbed the big sand dune.  As you can see, it was quite exhausting.  🙂

Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy 4th of July!


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