#37in37: Update 3

I wanted to update you on my 37in37 list.  This has been a fun and challenging way to celebrate growing a year older!  People ask me all the time…why?  My answer… why not?  Why not challenge yourself?  Why not do things that are scary and hard?  Why not do things you always wanted to do, or things you thought you couldn’t do?

Check out UPDATE ONE and UPDATE TWO if you happened to miss it.

Here is the latest and greatest…


#21:  Go Skydiving.  This was a big one on my list to check off.  You can read more about my experience HERE and check out my VIDEO.


#35:  Get Acupuncture…this was a special treat for me.  I loved it so much, I ended up getting 2 sessions!  Check out more information about my experience  with this ancient treatment.


#10:  Go to Tiger World.  This was a crazy fun afternoon for my family and I.  Check out what happened HERE.


#7:  Lead a book/bible study with my women’s circle at church.  Of course I had to choose my ultimate woman crush Jen Hatmaker’s newest book For The Love. This is out of my comfort zone…I don’t know the bible back and forth.  I have to look up every single thing and read it.  And then re-read it.  And then ask someone to help me understand.  The hard work is worth it… I love and respect these women so much.


I wish I could say this 1,000 piece puzzle was finished, not quite.  We have the outline though, so it is coming along.  (I made a rule that it had to be finished by Thanksgiving…or no one will be able to eat at the table!)

Stay tuned for upcoming list checks!  I am hoping to climb Grandfather mountain, go to a shooting range, smoke a hookah, serve in a soup kitchen, and finally complete this 1,000 piece puzzle.

The week is halfway over…what could you do that you don’t think you can do?  What can you do that is fun, challenging, or out of your comfort zone?  Pick one thing and GO DO IT!  xo

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