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I am so in love with energy work.  I love giving it, receiving it, and learning as much as I can about it.  It is one of the most amazing phenomenons I have ever witnessed.  I wrote THIS BLOG a while back explaining what energy work is and who can benefit!  I have some space in my schedule in December and January to offer this to you.  Please message me if interested.  Below are REAL reviews from my clients.  xo

I trust Kacy with my deepest and most vulnerable feelings. When she invited me to a healing session, I mostly went to be supportive of her. Turns out, I needed the support much more. She asked me a big question. When was the last time I felt joy? I couldn’t remember. In my time with her, she worked on balancing me, focusing me and setting me on a course to find joy every single day. That was 3 months ago. I have had joy everyday. I feel strong and energized. It was me that needed to the support. She guided me to the love and the light. I love you. I also want to share that I have suffered greatly from nerve pain in my hand. She healed my hand. I can’t even describe how, but twice she poured her warmth and energy into my hand. I can hold my children’s hands again without pain and fear. Life changing.  -E.M.


I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about this whole “energy healing” until I saw it in action.  I saw someone go from being in excruciating pain to no pain at all within minutes.  I booked a session for myself within a week.  During my session Kacy was able to tell me things I was experiencing and feeling physically that she couldn’t have known without her being able to channel my energy.  (again, something I didn’t totally believe until I experienced it.)  I was able to release a lot of tension and stress during the session through talking to Kacy.  Afterwards I felt very calm and “higher” if that makes sense.  I would have since recommended it to others and will go back!  -K.J.


When Kacy announced after one of her yoga classes that she would be offering Reiki sessions, I was immediately interested. I had been dealing with some depression, low back pain and feeling all around crappy about myself and the point I was at in my life.  I had been feeling this way for quite some time and I knew I could benefit from having energy work done. After researching and speaking with Kacy about what a session entailed, I decided it was something I wanted to pursue. What I loved the most was how comfortable Kacy made me feel during our session.  I had no issues opening up to her, although being the amazing Reiki master she is, she practically already knew what was going on based off of the energy in the room. After our session I felt lighter and my chakras felt much more open. I could even tell a difference in my yoga practice.  I was able to let go and be present, and that was a great feeling. Kacy is a truly knowledgeable and wonderful person! I would recommend anyone to her who was interested in a Reiki session.  –H.B.


There are many reasons a person could prosper from energy work,  and for myself I was looking to enhance my source of energy in an effort to help my body be at its best. In order to receive positive energy you must work with someone who radiates the type of energy you’re looking to increase. For me this was Kacy Pleasants. When I arrived to her studio there was an immediate sense of calm but also a great deal of professionalism shown. We discussed information I had presented prior to our meeting and as we began,  I felt relaxed the entire time. Since my session I have a heightened sense of awareness and an incredible bright energy that I am able to share with all that I come in contact with.   –C.B.energy0

I had a wonderful energy healing session with Kacy just a few weeks ago during a fairly stressful period of time in my life.  She was so wonderful and open, and picked up on some negative energy that I had been carrying around with me for some time without even realizing it.  Once our session started, I could actually feel this tension and energy being released from certain areas of my body.  I left feeling a great sense of relief and lightness, with an understanding of how I needed to change my reactions to certain stressors and events in my life – how to bring some acceptance to the situation.  It was beautiful and very freeing.  –N.C.

I would love to help you find balance and release negative energy. 
I have space Dec 23-28, Jan 1-3, and Jan 5-7. 

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