Ab Challenge Check Up!


I don’t know about you guys, but I am loving the results of this Ab Challenge!  I snapped this quick selfie the other day.  I know I look a little bloated.  I had one cheerio and the sodium just puffs me up.  Kidding.  But I am really feeling so strong.  Just when I want to give up, I keep pushing myself to finish!  I think it helps that so many of you are in on this too!  We have even seen a little success with our waist measurements!  My husband has lost 1.5 inches and I am down 1 inch.    Remember we were in the danger zone?!


It has been a family affair for the most part…Toby just stands guard while we work our abs everyday in the living room.  He is such an awesome dog.  We feel so lucky to have him!


We usually do our abs while dinner is cooking.  Abs on a full belly is not happening.  Since the reps are higher, we have also been splitting them up.  My husband will do half of the sit-ups, crunches, and leg raises before he takes lunch at work, and I do half during the day also.  When he gets home, we do the other half and our planks together, which helps motivate us.    I’ve been dropping down and doing planks with my yoga classes I teach…  getting it in any way I can.

My low back has been really tweaky (not to be confused with twerky) lately, so I have modified the sit-ups by using a small ball, or in this case a squishy old couch pillow.   SEE THE VIDEO HERE.  Have you felt any low back pain?


I have heard a few people mention that their hip flexors feel tight from all the leg raises.  My answer?  Stretches!  Above is a picture of a runner’s lunge (high on the back toe, knee off the floor), and below is a picture of me in lizard pose.  (I have my forearms on the mat, and my knee is on the mat, toes untucked.) Both are awesome for stretching out those tight hip flexors.


**I would like to stick a disclaimer in that these two shots were taken in the month of May when I was doing the Defy Gravity challenge.  I promise I am still wearing my same old, same old stuff for June Project 12.  (Which I will update you on soon!)

Remember to post your photos to Instagram and use the #itsapleasantlife and #30dayabchallenge hashtags!

 We are so close to the end!  Keep it up! 

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2 thoughts on “Ab Challenge Check Up!”

  1. So I confess, my 30 day challenge is going to take about 90 to complete. With the exercises and karate class, my hip flecked were so sore I could barely walk up the stairs! I’ve still got the chart up and plan to finish it, but needed a rest to recover so walking was possible. But I’m definitely feeling results from what I’ve done so far and the sit ups and push ups in karate class are getting easier too!!

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