Ab Challenge: Week 1

Week one of the 30 day Ab Challenge is over!  Personally, I am glad it is a rest day today.  Those sit-ups are getting  pretty brutal!  My favorite is still plank pose.   I think all the yoga, (vinyasas!) helped strengthen all those muscles more than the ones required for those full sit-ups.


I remember one of my favorite boot camp instructors at the YMCA used to say that if you had to pick 4 exercises they need to be lunges (lower body), push ups (upper body) plank (core) and jumping jacks.  (cardio).  This has been years, and it still sticks in my mind and I use it on occasion when I am vacationing.  (And by on occasion, I mean the first day only.)


Me and my hub doing our leg raises!  (I posted a video to my you tube channel of us doing crunches) I love doing this challenge every day with my family!  Just knowing we are kicking butt and feeling sore together has been so fun.   We took our measurements today and I am down to 34 inches (lost 1/4 of an inch!) and he is down to 40 inches! (He lost a whole inch)  Don’t guys blow at stuff like this?  I remember my husband lost 30 pounds one time because he stopped eating M&Ms.


Kadyn and I in forearm plank!  The whole time we have been doing this challenge I keep remembering this quote I heard somewhere:

The family that sweats together stays together.



I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw this.  I wonder if the same rule applies:

The family that naps together stays together.

I would love to hear from you!
How are things going for you?  What is your favorite ab exercise to do during this challenge?  Least favorite?  Are you enjoying this as a team?  Or is this a solo challenge?



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8 thoughts on “Ab Challenge: Week 1”

  1. I’m enjoying the ab challenge! The sit ups are getting tough as we increase! Plank is my favorite as well… I have a mini team of 6 joining in on this challenge with me and everyone has done great, a couple people have had to interchange rest day with another day. As long as we get back at it the next day and do our best I think that’s all that matters. I have been doing T25 and there is a lot of core work but this ab challenge is still pushing me. Everyday I feel stronger and just better about myself for sticking with it! Thanks for the continued encouragement Kacy!

    1. Genna- I have loved seeing your posts on Facebook! You are inspiring others to get fit and strengthen their core–You are awesome!

  2. Kacy – I love you have inspired me to do this challenge (or at least try!). My whole life, my core has always been the weakest part of me – so challenge this is!!! Thanks for always inspiring!!

    1. Megan- I am proud of you for doing this! I think the fact that we are all doing this together makes such a big difference! XO

  3. I got a late start, but I increased the reps and will rest tomorrow. Then I plan to be on day 9 reps with you! I would totally rather do an hour of plank than 20 more situps right now though!!! I’m really enjoying it overall. Still trying to get the hubs on board!

    1. Mayo- The rest days definitely help when you are playing catch up! Keep bugging your man to join you! 🙂

  4. Ok Kacy, between your ab challenge, packing boxes to clean up the office, and karate twice a week with Drew I’m getting my butt kicked! I’m a little behind this week but will play catch up after work ends tomorrow. I’m happy that the leg lifts are getting easier and I’m increasing my plank time…it hurts but I’m determined!! Thanks for all your encouragement!

    1. Amy-you got this! You are doing awesome–keep it up and no quitting! It does hurt, so look forward to the rest days! 🙂

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