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I am a yoga teacher, blogger, wife, and mom of two. (Three, if you include Toby!) I love to practice yoga, go on fun outings with my family, have dinner out with friends,  and watch TV with my hubs.


I’m excited to start this new chapter of my life- I am leaving a teaching career behind.   After teaching physical education in elementary schools in CMS for 13 years, I am ready for a change!


dk 002My husband is madly in love with me.  Obviously!


3 thoughts on “About Me!”

  1. I saw you on WBTV this AM and really liked your mustard recipes

    I use mustard in my deviled eggs, tuna salads, egg salads and anything I can.
    I will have to try the colemans.

    I saw where you have UC. I have ischemic colitis and more and more miserable
    The dr never gave me a diet to follow and I see you changed your diet.
    I need to change mine. He never prescribed any medication.

    Will follow some of your recipes and hopefully that will help.

    Thanks for your ideas.

    Denise Whittaker

    1. Hi Denise!
      Thanks for watching and commenting. Mustard is such a great condiment to use because it is fat free, gluten free, kosher, and tastes amazing! I am so sorry to hear that your doctor didn’t offer any nutrition advice or prescribe medication. Changing up my diet really helped…just try to eliminate bread and sugar for a month…and possibly dairy too!
      Please keep in touch! I would love to follow your progress!

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