I am just knocking stuff off of my #37in37 list!  Acupuncture was added to the list because I have never done it before, and always been curious about this ancient treatment.


I sat down with Tom Cohen, from Insight Wellness and we chatting about my procedure(s) beforehand.  I opted to try two different types…The first was for relaxation/general wellness, and the next treatment was an energy tonification.  I just wanted to see the difference in the treatments, where the needles were placed, and how I felt during and after.

Needles are placed in specific areas depending on the treatment.  For my relaxation procedure, I had a needle in between my eyebrows, my sternum, both ears, and both wrists.




I asked Tom to fill us in on some quick bullet points about acupuncture.  Here is what he said:

  • Chinese medicine and Acupuncture are about 5,000 years old.
  • It is very similar to the approach of “Functional” medicine.
  • Every organ or system has a list of “job duties” that occur naturally.
  • Hypo or hyper-function of a system can cause a disruption in that system.
  • It can also cause an imbalance, based on the way the healthy systems are supposed to work together to promote a healthy state.
  • Acupuncture and Chinese medicine “teach” the body to resume the healthy natural state.
  • By accessing channels of energy – like an immaterial network of nerves – Acupuncture promotes effects and changes in a system – sometimes balancing, sometimes relaxing, sometimes strengthening.
  • An Acupuncturist is like a classically trained composer, able to write music in any style.
  • But instead of writing music, we choose points designed to fit your specific health conditions, goals and needs.
  • Licensed acupuncturists have minimum 3 years and 2000 hours of training.
  • The needles are solid, single use, sterile and disposable.
  • They are often smaller than a lock of hair, and you may feel a small pinch upon insertion.
  • But they are both safe and (for most) painless


Here I am with my second procedure staying warm under my “space blanket”.  (I think teaching hot yoga for over 4 years makes my body cold unless the room is 90 degrees!)

This energy tonification procedure is a way to rev up the body’s energy:  turn the key, start the ignition, and see how things are running.  Tom explained to me that the body’s energy circulates daily in 2 hour increments through 12 principle channels.  (I told Tom I knew all about those meridians through my energy work!) We did the shorter version of this practice by strengthening the lung, large intestine, stomach and spleen.  This can be a general wellness treatment, or be used to diagnose imbalance.  Everyone is different, so I don’t want to give away to much about what I felt during the procedure.   (I did see some flashes of colors!) After the treatment, I felt light, refreshed and really energized.

Out of both the treatments, the energy tonification was my favorite, and I will definitely go back to see Tom!

Have you ever had acupuncture?  What are your thoughts on it?

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