#AliveinAugust-Update 2

Hope you have been making some changes to your life that affect your body, mind and soul.  I certainly feel alive so far in August.  I love this month’s Project 12, and I have loved seeing your posts on Instagram as well.


Day 11:  I have gotten into the habit of going to yoga on Tuesday evening at Laughing Buddha to take my friend Lauren’s class.  The week before my daughter and I went and I think my husband was jealous and needed to get his yoga on too!


Day 12:  Working on my handstand after teaching a class at Y2 Yoga!  I love this variation I learned from Beach Yoga Girl when she was in town last spring.  If you bend your knee, or form an “L” with your legs, you are less likely to fall over backwards into wheel…  or flat on your back!


Day 13:  It feels pretty awesome to walk outside and get your breakfast!  I love eating eggs from my backyard chickens…I know what they are eating, and the eggs taste delicious!


Day 14:  Cheers!  My last barre/yoga fusion retreat of the summer.  I cannot believe how many women I met and/or reconnected with.  I am so excited to start planning next year’s summertime fun!  In the meantime, if  you are interested in a YIN YANG yoga retreat in October, click HERE for details!


Day 15:  Handstand practice on the beach…felt pretty ALIVE!



Day 16:  As part of Alive in August, my husband and I have been taking a few products manufactured by Plexus.  I really love the Bio Cleanse and I know it has helped us both out in different ways.   This product has magnesium,  oxygen enhancement, and vitamin C with bioflavonoids.  We have also been using the Plexus Probiotic and the Plexus Slim.  Last month, when my hubby went in for his annual check-up, he had gained some weight.  Not a ton– he is still hot and healthy as ever!  But with his job being more sedentary, it happens.  He needed to make some changes.  And me too.  I will admit,  my whole summer feels like a cupcake/vodka festival.  We cleaned up our diet, started exercising and added Plexus.  In the last few weeks, has lost weight, feel less like snacking between meals, and has a lot more energy.  I tried this product back in May, but really half-assed it.  I would forget to drink the drink, which tastes great so I really had no excuse!  I would forget to take my cleanse and probiotic, so I had yeast growing in my gut again.  When my husband (and sister, private clients, and tons of friends!) started having amazing results, I thought I should give it a go again.  I am going hard core…60 days.  (which is their money back guarantee, so why not?)  I haven’t seen a huge weight loss yet.   ( I also had a big few months of hard core grief…which for me meant more eating and drinking.) But I have had so many other really great results, I am sticking to it!  My Pros–I never feel “hangry” anymore.  I feel energized, I sleep great, my UC is straightening up, and I feel a like my blood sugars are balanced.  I don’t crave sweets near as badly and Plexus has reduced my urge to binge.   Contact me if you are interested in learning more about Plexus!

Have an awesome week!  xo



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