#AliveinAugust- Update 3

 Happy Monday!  Hope you are ready for an amazing week.  Bittersweet for me sending my babies off to 7th and 3rd grade.  I cannot believe they are growing up so fast.  They didn’t even want to me to walk them to this bus stop this morning.

I am glad I am not going to school though…I still get the Sunday jitters sometimes…then I take some deep breaths and remember I have the job(s) of my dreams!

Here is a look at the last week in #AliveinAugust:


Day 17:  I took my cuties to Sky Zone…this hurricane simulator will get your blood pumping!


Day 18:  Family photo day!  Here we are headed to get a real-deal picture taken by a real-deal photographer.  We were definitely due for this…the last one was 5 years ago.


Day 19: My new favorite red wine and watching the summer storm with my hubby.  <3


Day 20:  Baby pink manicure with black and white stripes.  Loved spending this time with my sister before she left to go back overseas.  Um, when did my hands get so old looking?


Day 21: Remember last summer when we read over 100 books?  This summer we read a ton as well, and picked up our prizes from the library.


Day 22:  These two amazing souls led a renewing chakra clearing workshop at Y2 Yoga.

IMG_2575 Day 23:  Tears of pure joy while singing this hymn Sunday in church.


Keep posting!!!  I love seeing what makes you feel ALIVE! 


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