#AliveinAugust- Update 4

Happy Monday!  The last day in August means the last day of this #AliveinAugust challenge.

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IMG_2683Day 24:  Toby was ready for the kids to get off the bus!  His ears perked up, tongue started hanging out and he  was wagging his tail so hard!  Love this sweet dog!


Day 25: I was asked to assist at Olde Mecklenburg Brewery’s Yoga On Tap last week.  This is such a fun event…Only $5 for an awesome yoga class and a beer is included!  I’m a huge hands-on teacher, and I love getting my students into correct position, or just helping them deeper into a pose.


Day 26: So excited to sign my friend Amanda on my team as a Plexus Ambassador!  Plexus is a blood sugar stabilizer that I have been taking and it is unbelievable how amazing I feel.  Amanda noticed the difference in me, so she started taking it as well.  She loved it so much, she decided to buy into the company as well.  So now we are taking control of our health and our wealth!


Day 27:  I know.  Another Plexus post.  I had to though.  This day I spoke with 7…yes 7 people who have been taking it and their results are so awesome.  It makes me really happy that I can help people.  Balanced blood sugar equals balanced everything!  This is not just about weight loss.  In fact, one of my friends has Crohn’s disease and needed to gain weight.  Her blood sugar is now stabilized, she has gained 10 pounds and feels great.  I have another friend who has come off of her depression medications (after 7 years!) and has increased energy.  I have a private yoga client (who is 64 years young!) that has been taking it since May.  She has lost 15 pounds, and no longer has joint pain, and stopped her pot a day coffee habit.  My sister no longer has migraines, and is getting more restful sleep.  And in just a few short weeks, I got my husband back…which means my kids got their Daddy back.  I think I found the holy grail ya’ll.  🙂


Day 28:  Bus Stop Yoga.  I have been working my 12 handstands a day this month pretty consistently.  I am not up to my goal of 10 seconds yet…but getting pretty close.  This one my daughter clocked at 8 seconds!


Day 29:  The joy of my Saturday!  This couple celebrating their anniversary with me doing a private yoga session.  He was a newbie, and set it up to surprise her!  <3


Day 30:  Family walk after dinner.  This has been such a great part of this project…spending time being active and connecting.


Day 31:  We are eating a tons of fresh vegetables, healthy fats, and proteins for our meals this week.  Lunches for the kids are usually an apple, carrots/cukes and a peanut butter sandwich.  (Using my favorite peanut butter, Crazy Richards!) For dinners, I already did a ton of food prep, including my yummy Chicken Salad so we are ready for late dinners.   For other nights,  I am planning on making spaghetti squash, my Mexican Zucchini Boats, and always a favorite in this house–breakfast for dinner.

Stay tuned for September’s events featuring lot of yoga–  Donation classes and a yoga challenge!

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