Almost Heaven, West Virgina

Long time, no

Kadyn here.

{almost heaven, west virgina}

this is basically my second home, this being my fourth time heading up to Gary in winter. I think I can say that im in love. This is the place with unlimited hugs and on-going conversations. You would love it too! ūüôā


{all my memories, they gather round here}

This was the crew that headed up, we celebrate one of the sweetest human beings birthday, Big Brian. (he’s the one on the left with the giant smile and thumbs up) Every year we celebrate at Sterling’s Diner and I’m pretty sure this is what he looks forward to the most.


{younger than the mountains, growing like a breeze}

The reason we go up in early December¬†is to¬†head up with loads and loads of gifts for children who don’t receive the Christmas they deserve. We allow 2-3 families in at a time at 3 gifts per child, this lets every family receive¬†a good amount of gifts for each of their children.


{life is old there, older than the trees}

My favorite part of the trip… the winter nursing home visit. We sing Christmas carols and just socialize with all of the people living there. My highlight is seeing everyone from past¬†years. I’ve had people ask me to be in their weddings or even just to make them a friendship bracelet. I cant even imagine how excited they are when they see us walk in the door. This makes my heart so happy and warm. :))))))


{dark and dusty, painted like the sky.}

This is Stelli, me and then Becca. we were the youth that came on the trip.  My role models and loves.


{country roads, take me home to the place I belong}

Not only do we go in the winter but we also go in the summer,  another joyous event! We love new smiling faces so come talk to me if you want to come on one of our trips!

captions from John Devers, ¬†“Take me home, Country roads”

happy holidays, much love.


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