April Photo Challenge- Final Week

First things first!  Thank you to the readers who entered the Barre Time giveaway!  Congratulations to Angie, Alex and Heather for winning a free class at Barre Time.  Laura, you won the barre socks!  I will email you details.

Next up–Final post about the Instagram photo challenge I participated in for Project 12.  I know I said it before, but this was a really light hearted project to participate in during a time when I am really busy professionally, and really up and down emotionally.  Thank you to the readers who participated in this with me!  Remember I promised a prize if you participated in the whole thing?  Three of you followed through and finished strong!  Stephanie, Mandy and Ashley, you have a Starbucks gift card coming your way.

Here is a look at WEEK ONE, WEEK TWO, WEEK THREE and WEEK FOUR in case you missed it. IMG_0998 Day 26:  Drink. I love sparkling water…when I saw this flavor I couldn’t wait to try it.  It is amazing! IMG_1045 Day 27:  Sport.  Here are my favorite boys.  My husband plays softball for our church, and he loves it.  He has always been more of a team workout person than doing things on his own. IMG_1052 Day 28:  Gift.  I gave myself the gift of a wrinkle free forehead when I went in to see Mandy at Miramae on Tuesday.   This is my one stop shop to stay forever young.  🙂  Giving yourself a gift is always a good idea.  #treatyoself wreath Day 29:  Favorite Holiday.  Christmas.  I love the lights, the trees, the church services, the music, they way that people are so giving.  The spirit of the whole month is magical…a reminder that Jesus was born to be our rock. IMG_1058 Day 30:  Pillow.  We love some pillows in the house.  My husband and I both sleep with 3 pillows, then we have 4 throw pillows.  (These don’t always make it on the bed when it is made in the morning, but I love how our room looks when I made my bed up)  TEN PILLOWS.  We are over achievers like that.  This old beautiful bed was my Papa’s bed, then my dad’s bed, and now ours.  Family heirlooms are so special…I can’t wait to pass it down to our children.

And that is a wrap!

Stay tuned for my May Project 12 where I am stepping outside of my normal routine and trying 12 new recipes!

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