April Photo Challenge- Week 1

This has been a fun Project 12… a photo challenge.    Here is a look at week one:


Day 1:  Selfie.   I am not the best at taking selfies…my arms are not long enough.  I need the selfie stick!

IMG_0680Day 2:  Something Pink.  I met a friend at The Improper Pig for lunch and snapped a picture of their bright pink pickled onions.


Day 3:  Handwriting.  My to-do list.  I am still super old school and write a list out almost daily.


Day 4: Black and White.  I met some friends at Basil for dinner and got a picture of their jasmine rice.


Day 5:  Weather.  I walked outside on Easter morning, pointed my phone up and this is what I got.  Beautiful!


Day 6:   Handwriting.  I have no clue why this was assigned for two of the days in the challenge??  A picture of my son’s note to the Easter Bunny…I guess he thought Mommy was going to eat the chocolate chip muffin he set out for him!

I have loved seeing your photographs on Instagram.  It is not too late to join in.



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