April Photo Challenge- Week 2

This project 12 has been less challenging than other months, but it is exactly what I need in my life right now.  I have a lot of amazing professional/career things happening (I will share more soon!), along with selling our house/moving.  This is the perfect challenge for me and my family right now.  Kinda like when you go on vacation, you don’t read an encyclopedia…you take a fun, easy beach read instead.


Day 7:  Spring.  Colorful tulips, green grass, and this sweet girl in sandals are all beautiful reminders of spring.


Day 8:  OOTD.  This stands for outfit of the day.  My daughter looks adorable, but of course I am in my yoga gear uniform.  I teach every day of the week, and usually practice yoga or get my work out in at Carolina Sweat.  Most weeks, I only dress up for church.  This gives a whole new meaning to putting on my Sunday best!



Day 9:  something blue.  This is a close-up of my husband’s blue eyes.  They are the most beautiful blue eyes with the longest,  thickest lashes.  I am not sure why God wasted this eye beauty on a man.  My husband told me he cut his eyelashes when he was little.  I am tempted to go find them and glue them on as extensions to mine.


Day 10:  Best Friends.  I have a lot of really close girl friends from different eras of my life.  I know this sounds cheesy, but my husband is my best friend.  We have known each other over 21 years, and have been married over 13 years, and made two beautiful humans in the process.  Actually,  we made four beautiful humans.  We made our children out of love,  but we have made ourselves into amazing people together.  He is my rock.


Day 11:  Good Times.  Of course I had to add some music notes when I posted this on Instagram with the line…Aint we lucky we got ’em.  And I sang that tune all day long. Mostly to embarrass my daughter who is too cool for pretty much everything.    Saturday night,  my family went to our favorite laid back restaurant, Whooli’s.  We needed a night out together, because we have a lot of traveling coming up.  I am going out of town, then my husband is going out of town, then my husband and I are going out of town together.  This  night of fun was a must!  You can see that my Dad came along, via his back scratcher…Brody insisted.  (FYI-my Dad was buried with a back scratcher in his coffin. I wish I was kidding, but I can’t make this up.)   I let Brody bring it to dinner, only because my Dad loved Whooli’s too, and he taught me to properly clean a chicken wing bone.  <3


sri sri ravi shankar

Day 12:  Quotes.  One of my favorite quotes by one of my favorite quoters borrowed from the site of one of my favorite places.  I have seen first hand how giving can affect the lives of many.  The Art of Living is where I hold my yoga retreats…I am so excited about my retreat this weekend!

Is anyone a spontaneous person?  I had someone back out…I know it is last minute, but anyone want in?  For details, CLICK HERE.

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