April Project 12

A new month around here means a new challenge for the family!   I decided to keep it light and do a photo challenge for April.  I love photo challenges, and it has been a year since I did one.  Last year, during Lent, my church hosted an Instagram challenge.  It was so fun to see everyone’s  interpretations of the words given to photograph.

Here is the April Photo Challenge:

april photo challenge


Why do a challenge?

To raise awareness…I realize this is not as earth moving as last summer when we air dried our laundry, or when I only wore 12 items of clothing.  But being aware of our surroundings, and how to photograph dogs who are black and move quickly are super important things to know in life.  Reason number two:  conversation.  This is something my family and I will  talk about.  It is just one more thing to discuss at the dinner table.  Talking with (verses at) my children is so important to me.  I want to know what their favorite accomplishment is, who their best friend is, and tell them why they need to know what “anticipation” means.  They need appreciate how people are unique and that we interpret things different ways. Third reason…It is fun!  It isn’t like doing a photo challenge is on my bucket list, but why not?  #yolo

Want to join in?  Post the photograph above on Instagram and tag me @kacypleasants.  Use the hashtags #aprilproject12 and #itsapleasantlife.  Continue posting the daily pictures, tagging me and adding the hashtags.  I can’t wait to see what your pictures are!

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