August Project 12- #AliveinAugust

It is August…a new month means a new project for me!  My family and I are coming together to feel our very best selves this month.  Presenting….#AliveinAugust.

Everyday I am posting something that makes me feel alive…in mind, body, and spirit.  We are eating clean, drinking tons of water, taking evening walks as a family, getting inverted, praying together, reading, using our brains, opening up communication, and tons more!!!


For myself, I have committed to doing 12 handstands a day.  My husband has joined in on a few of these days but he has his own things that make him feel alive!  🙂  Inversions have tons of benefits…feeling alive is just one of them!


Day One:  Handstand on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina.  Do you know I have never stopped at one of those Scenic Outlooks on the side of the road?  Last weekend, I drove by a few with my kids and told them we were doing it.  And we did!


Day Two:  Swinging with my Brody, and sweet cousin Claire.  After she got off my lap, I had a competition with Brody to see who could swing the highest.  Swinging is very therapeutic and liberating!!!


Day Three:  Mommy Daughter Pedicures!


Day Four:  My daughter and I made plans to go to Laughing Buddha and take my friend Lauren’s class this week.  We decided to play around a little with some acro-yoga!


Day Five:  After a really sweaty class at Y2 Yoga, I finally got a chance to eat in the café.  I ordered the remix salad with salmon on top.  It was amazing!   There is really something about eating healthy that makes you feel alive!

What makes you feel alive?  Post a picture on Instagram of you doing something that makes your body feel good, your brain productive, and your heart sing!  Tag me  @kacypleasants and use the hashtag #AliveinAugust.



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