August Project 12 Update!

Project 12 August:  Eat only 12 foods.  (you can read about my choices HERE.)


These little wonders have been amazing this month!  I eat them plain, use them as a salad dressing, as a dip for my cauliflower, and as a sub for mayo in chicken salad.  I am always so surprised at the staying power of an avocado.  When we went to Dollywood last weekend I ate one in the car on the way there around 10am.  (I knew my choices would be limited there!)  I was not hungry until 5:30pm.


Luckily Taco Bell was on the way home and has new cantina bowls.  I was able to get mine with only romaine, chicken, cheese, tomatoes. The cashier thought I was crazy.    (I miss salad dressing!)


BLT’s  become BLT salad!  I love tomatoes in the summer.  They are so delicious!


Here I tried to duplicate Alice Springs chicken from Outback.  (Except without the barbecue sauce.)  Amazing.  And I only had the raw cauliflower.  The carrots and cucumbers were for the other members of my family!


Tacos become taco salad.  Just lettuce, tomatoes, ground beef, cheese, avocado!


And thank goodness for coffee.  And awesome summer manicures.  (OPI candy wallpaper)

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