Back in the Game

I’m back!  I had a really bad flare up with my UC, and it lasted a lot longer than I expected.  To be truthful, I feel a little embarrassed about this last flare up because it was partially my fault.  From mid May to August I was in pain on most days, dehydrated, and had to be near a bathroom for most of the day.  Part of it was stress (not my fault), the other part was that I lowered my dose of Asacol HD. (my fault)  I wanted to prove that I could fight this by diet, exercise, and meditation.  After a humbling visit to my GI doctor, he reminded me that this is a chronic disease.  It doesn’t go away.  I have to take medication for the rest of my life.  There are no nasty side effects to the Asacol.  I feel a little dizzy at times, but for the most part, I just wanted to prove that I could heal myself.  And for a while, I thought I had.  I still think the meditation and diet helps.  At the visit with my doctor, I had 3 choices to get me back in remission.  A daily enema for 2 months, steroids, or some  scary drug that you have to go in and get your bone marrow tested for cancer every 8 weeks.  I choose the enema.  I didn’t want the cancer risks, steroids make you fat, and oh, how clean and thin I woudl feel having a daily enema.  Wrong.  They were tiny bulb enemas that I had to do every night.  Super sexy.  Plus the side effects included acne.  awesome.    Zits on a 35 year old bloated, dizzy yoga teacher who has enemas on her bed side table.


In case you were wondering what a bulb enema looked like


Complaining done.  I feel amazing.  I am on my way to remission.  I am trying to eat really clean.  Tons of protein, and veggies and healthy fats.  (with the exception of GIgi’s cupcakes last Saturday.  (not worth it the next day…I could hardly make it through church)  I have been doing several meditations to bring joy, peace and abundance into my life…and it’s working.  I love teaching school part-time and yoga part-time.  I have time to practice yoga, make healthy dinners, be with my children, and spend time with friends.  The other day, I stared crying.  My poor husband asks me why, and my answer was Gratitude.  My heart was so full, so overwhelmingly full of love and gratitude.


Which Wich lettuce wrap…spinach, cheese, bacon, tomatoes, cucumbers, turkey, and avocado. Who needs bread?


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