Back to School!


I cannot believe I have a 6th and a 2nd grader.  Not only am I too young for this mess, they were just babies last week!


And this is what my son tried to take to school in his backpack today.    He had an atlas, remote control, Orbies,  2 boats, a Frisbee, Pokémon cards,  windup toys, and lots of weapons.  (nun chucks, a fake gun, and one of those star throwers)   I asked about all the weapons in case he thought he was going to be bullied by some big kid on the bus.His response,  ” PROTECTION FROM THE ZOMBIES!”  Oh dear.  My kid is so weird and so awesome.


Speaking of awesome…shouldn’t every sixth grader get a new bed?  A friend of mine just moved and this bed was left there!  It has a desk so she can do all her work, and a vanity to do her “makeup”.  (Which means face moisturizer, lip gloss, and clear mascara. )    She feels super cool since the bed is  from Pottery Barn Teen–even though she is only 11.


Toby is  sad and lonely.  He is only the tiniest bit happy that he can catch up on all his napping now without being in a constant wrestling match with Brody.  Or being dressed in outfits by Kadyn.  And yes, that is my sports bra he is napping with.  He has a boob and/or a foot fetish because he always grabs my bra or my flip flops to snuggle with.


I cannot nap because my head feels like a giant mucas filled balloon.  I went to the minute clinic yesterday…why are they so stingy about those Z-packs?  I am not asking for some oxy  or anything crazy.  I just need some antibiotics.  I know I have a sinus infection.  I get one a year.  I am not going to get immune to the Z-pack.  Give it to me.  She was all nurseystingy-like, “You are young, and I think you can kick this.”  I was like, “No.  I’m old and no I can’t kick this without a Z-pack” (I know I said I was young in the first paragraph of this blog, but I’m in the middle of young and old, so basically I get to pick a side whenever I want.)

Nurse Stingy  laughed like she thought I was joking, and showed me the Mucinex and told me to go home,  rest, drink fluids, (but not vodka) and watch a lot of TV.

DONE.  Jen Hatmaker’s HGTV show is AWESOME!  Plus, I cry because I love her so much and I wish she only knew that we were best friends.

PS- I still went to FlyBarre today.  (I keep my commitments to myself… even if my head is a balloon.)

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